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1. I have checked out a couple of the settings (hills, fluvial, coastal) and cannot find any plot to start with that has any berries on it so I have no way to obtain any berries beyond the 10 provided when starting. Where do I find berries to forage? Or is this an issue with the game?

2. One of the quests is to create a market, sell berries there -- I create a food market, have a person assigned, and when I open the market and there are "slot 1"; "slot 2", etc. I can click on the boxes for the slots but there are no options available for me to specify what can be sold. I thoght I would at least try selling the berries I start with but can't find any way to select them to sell.

I've looked at a few walkthroughs and tutorials but I think they are from earlier versions -- they show mushrooms and berry bushes. And, when clicking on the slots for the market, a berry icon appears next to it. I am not seeing either of these things. If any one else has had these issues and managed to fix them, I would welcome any advice.
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it seems you need to place the marked in range of the village centre, the little warehouse u placed at start where the ppl stay around while idle. If the marked is near by that u can choose berries for a slot.
I had the same trouble when I first started. It sounds as though you have built the wharehouse, which has 4 slots and you can store berries there. However, you can only trade from there and not sell to your villagers.

If you are making the same mistake that I did when I started, you are looking only in the first buikding list that shows up. You need to click on the second icon on the left hand side. This lists buildings that can be updated to increase prestige. Theses buikdings include the church and the market. To get started, just build one food stall and asign its' single slot to berries. Provide someone to tend the stall and berries will then be available for the villagers to buy.