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Dear citizens from other settlements,

we are sorry to hear about all that problems in your towns. Cheer up! We reached 333 citizens within 168 weaks (our lord counts something called 'hours' and he says we have about 20h) - and things are going well! Our lord says 'considering we are an alpha' thats amazing.

Just one time our lord left us abruptly - mumbling something about 'CTD' on his return. Sometimes one of us can't find an entrance to a house (althoug there is no tavern in our town - but we have wine from the market!) But if we tell our lord, he replaces the building so we can return savely. We built every building we could imagine and it looks like everything works - besides the monastery maybe... but we build a new one now to take a deaper look on it.

Our lord says that our village is 'slowing down' in the last days. Espacially when he takes a 'look from above'. But on the other hand, he says, he is an old man with an 'old machine'. Sometimes it's quite hard to understand him...

I painted our village so you can take a look. (Please don't laugh (too much) about our tiny steeples - our lord learned only a short while ago how to adjust the height of a building...)

I hope things get better for you soon!

Best regards
Citizen 333