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Alpha (was Content Patch is LIVE!

Added GOG Galaxy Cloud save
New Help Window
Improve Intel GPU compatibility by fixing object flickering

Support multiple dorms
Monks will leave their current home and family (sad, we know) when conceded to the Monastery
Villagers won't go live in the Monastery Dorms
Monks will fill their needs – a first step toward a secluded need loop
Monks will find a new dorm if their dorm is destroyed

Housing now have capacity
Villagers should fill empty houses before building a new one
Fix entrances for Level 2 houses (not on houses already built in old savegames)

Rustic Church:
Size has been increased
Entrances are now fixed (not on doors already build in old savegames)

Lord Manor:
Stone parts are now giving Splendor

Wooden Bridge:
Revamped Look

Fishing Hut:
Lengthen Wooden Poles

quest window can't be close anymore
added error message with description when a save game fails
improved mod loading error logging
fix some production building description
fix: estate button could become un-clickable with small definition
added Discord link on Main Menu

*Old savegames should be compatible
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