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Changelog for Patch 1.10 / GOG-2 (Windows) (added 09 November 2016):

- Fossil Echo gets its first major update, adding a new Easy Mode and making the overall experience much smoother. Here are the main changes this update brings:

Easy Mode

- Fossil Echo is a very challenging game, and while some players really like the difficulty, others prefer to enjoy the story and atmosphere without having to work too hard for it. The addition of an Easy Mode lets those players enjoy the story with significantly easier levels (less enemies, longer timing windows...).

- Note: The Temple levels remain the same, as they are optional challenge levels, we felt that they should remain consistant despite the difficulty setting.

Gameplay Tweaks

- In addition, we made several gameplay tweaks that should enhance the experience. Better wall recognition for wall jumping, better hitboxes, among others, all make for a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay.
- In addition, we fixed several bugs and glitches (such as crashes near the end of the game).
- We are still working on porting the game to other platforms, so stay tuned for some news on that in the near future!