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This patch came out more than a week ago:

When are GOG customers gonna get this patch?
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MischiefMaker: This patch came out more than a week ago:

When are GOG customers gonna get this patch?

The patch should be available sometimes next week (depends on when the GoG approval process will finish).
In general, usually patches on GoG arrive around two weeks after Steam, because it requires a separate build (and a separate QA to make sure everything is working), and we start that process only after the Steam version passes QA. In this case there was a longer delay due to some issues on our side and a load on the QA team.

Sorry about the delay, and the delay in the response.
It might have hit the installer now, though there's no changelog, so its hard to see if there's an update or not, and if it has, it hasn't hit the offline installers yet.
So did this ever hit? Again, since there's no changelog, I can't tell.

The anniversary version came out on GoG around a month ago. No changelog was set for it though.
Moreover, a new patch (1.1.4) came out on Steam and GoG today. We did include a change-log on GoG for 1.1.4, however it doesn't seem to be working properly - when pressing 'View patch notes (1.1.4)' it shows changelog for version 1.1.1 instead. I just double checked and in GoG's devportal the 1.1.4 changelog does show properly, so not sure what's wrong, but we'll look into it.

If when running the game it shows on the top-right corner a different version than '1.1.4', go to the GoG Galaxy client, Press the button to the right of 'Play' on the Fort Triumph page, and then select 'Manage Installations -> Verify/Repair' and it'll download the new patch.

Till the issue with change-log is fixed, here's the full change log:

* When a unit is stunned, it gets Stun Protection on the next turn (making consecutive stunning or stun-locking harder). Units with Passive Stun Protection are unaffected by this change.
* Reduced cooldown of Whirlwind, Grapple Hook, Knockback Arrow, Repelling Shot, Shockwave, and Charge to 2 turns. The cooldown for the Whirlwind Wall upgrade is unaffected by this.
* Increased the cooldown of Kick to 1 turn (so it can still be used every turn but only once per turn).
* Increased the cooldown of Nudge to two turns.
* Increased the level requirement of the Whirlwind cooldown upgrade to level 7 (from level 3).
* Perpetuity Shrine no longer increases the duration of Stun Protection.
* Significantly reduced the benefit of physics over regular attacks regarding mission grade.
* Changed Magic Boots to also remove the cooldown of Kick.
* Added a new upgrade to Kick that cancels Stun Protection.

* Made strategic AI a bit less aggressive in terms of taking over beetcoin farms and magic extractors of the player (and also in general).
* Small optimizations to strategic AI.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed bug where when using a controller, it was possible to purchase buildings/upgrades without enough resources.
* Fixed bug where sometimes when purchasing an upgrade with a controller, the cost was applied twice.
ixed bug with Daredevil passive upgrade not working for the duration of the mission in which it is acquired.
* Fixed bug where when getting the passive Dash and Slash upgrade during a turn, when Dash and Slash is not on cooldown, no AP is awarded for that turn.
* Fixed bug where the game could get stuck when a unit with the Phoenix trait dies (and is resurrected) and then levels up in that same battle.
* Fixed Freezing Arrow upgrade not working.
* Fixed range description of Safe Movement.
* Small performance improvements.
* Fixed bug where sometimes edge-scrolling with the mouse doesn't work on the top and right borders.
* Fixed a bug where on rare cases faulty texture compression may cause the game to crash.
* Added OpenGL support on Windows as fallback if Direct X 11 is causing issues.
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I don't use the client, but at least knowing the current version lets me assess the alternate installers.