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Something I should have added to my review. A lot of developers these days opt to stuff their games with "moral" choices and superficial non-linearity. It's a highly annoying trend. Non-linearity is expensive in terms of development costs and can be frustrating to the player. It should only be added to a game when it makes sense.

A lot of old-school adventures were highly interactive, but completely linear and they were great. We played them, because we wanted to experience a story, rather than create a story. We widn't have to worry about missing important content or screwing up the narrative by clicking the "wrong" option somewhere.

This game doesn't need its fake second ending. It doesn't need most of its "alternative" dialog choices. Even the ability to distill or save some forgotlings is a debatable "feature". This isn't The Witcher or Pathologic. This isn't even Blade Runner. The game has only one real storyline. All those "choices" are just a diversion that consumed valuable developer time, which could be put back into the main narrative.

Anne is the only character in the entire game we really get to know. This is not debatable. We just don't have enough information about anyone else, not even Bonku or Fig. Making her malleable simply detracts from the narrative experience. The game would be strictly better if developers made up their mind about most of those dialog choices. We would get a deeper, more defined, more nuanced protagonist wile loosing nothing of value.