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The main thing is, for the most part the actual D&D rules don't matter much because the game handles all the die rolls for you automatically. You just need to remember that the lower your armor class is the better.
Here GOG, you can put this in the next update. Just rename the file from png to ico, it's already a 32 bpp, 8-bit alpha, compressed png icon.
lumin: I know, minor quibble, but the image used for the original Pool of Radiance is actually from the 2001 game, Ruins of Myth Drannor. Since that game is considered to be far inferior to the original PoR, it's probably worth getting the right cover image up there.
Larris: I would be so pleased if this could be included in a future update. The Ruins of Myth Drannor icon bugs me no end. I'm considering investing the time to create replacement icons for myself in my own installation.

Fun fact: The Clyde Caldwell painting used for the original Pool of Radiance cover was not created for the game box at all, but for an Endless Quest solo game book from 1985 called Knight of Illusion:
Link update: