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I don't know what happened there... computer problems

So.... My party is doing pretty well. My fighters are up to 5th level... getting close to 6. I save the game and come back to it in a few days.

When I load up I find that all character names have disappeared and AC for these blanks is 60. I press view and it says Lawful Good Monster Cleric.... What on earth has happened here? I'm guessing its a corrupted file and I'm screwed unless I go back to an earlier save? It's just that I was saving in the same letter for ages and don't want to repeat loads... Any way around this people?
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andyfailes: snip Any way around this people?
You could try with some restorer programs to get the file back.

Overwriting/deleting is only (mainly) changing the master table on the HDD and as files are always stored in new/different sectors the chances are high that you can get a backup back again.

But otherwise, make backup of those savefiles in between. (like using a bat-file for starting and making an automated compress of the savefiles.)

Reminds me of the old joke with Jesus saves ;)