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So, I started Pools of Darkness and I'm already at the Fire Giant Cave. I just have questions about items.

The first question is: which protective items besides Cloaks of Displacement give the AC bonus with magic armor? Rings of Protection don't stack up with armor. Would Cloaks of Protection and Helms give AC bonus alongside magic armor?

Second question is: I am aware that in the last battle you lose a bunch of magical equipment. Which equipment do you get to keep? My characters have Plate Mail +5 and Silver Swords +5, boots of speed, and various rings, Details on how this works would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Magical Helms work with magic armour.
But in general Bracers + Cloaks and Rings of Protection is a better choice if you can find enough of them.

Very few magical items survive Limbo. Rings that protect against elemental damage is just about it. Vorpal Sword too IIRC.
If you really want to keep all items, I'm sure someone will tell you how you can cheat in order to get all your items past Limbo.
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1.)Helmets and Shields do grant an additional AC bonus. Cloaks of Protection work like rings of protection and don't stack. Bracers (don't matter which AC, even AC2) stack with an item of protection so you can get very good AC this way. The Cloak of Displacement bonus stacks with everything.

2.) There are some area transfers where magical items are destroyed with very few exceptions. The esiest way to test this is saving the game before, looking what survives, reloading and storing the other items somewhere. Most useful of those items are the ring of blinking and the scroll of protection from dragon's breath.
Non-magical items survive, so it's useful to have fine long bows (they also grant strength bonus to damage and are better than magical bows anyway) and having one character carry along a batch of non-magical arrows won't hurt.