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I was playing through the Fire Giants cave when I confronted the fire giant mage Ungleow. She offered me to kill Manshoon & to report back to her once that is done. I refused and I ended up winning the resulting battle,& I saved the game as well as my backup save. Unfortunately the dragons were alerted and after I disposed of the dragons guarding the entrance to the Dragons' Aerie I was transported back outside where I am overlooking the map of the area. I then loaded the backup save and tried the other entrance, but the same thing happened. I'm not sure, but I think I goofed because the walkthrough at Games Banshee stated to accept Ungleow's offer in order to gain access to the Dragons' Aerie as the cluebook included with the game wasn't exactly clear on what to do - only that she would try to surprise me if I let my guard down (which is why I refused thinking if I did I was letting my guard down).

Besides clearing the hill giant steading & the fire giant cave, I've cleared the farm infested with vampires, the crossroads with the cloud giants as well as the farm with the dying fighter. as well as the small stockade which had the dragons attacking it. So should I start the game over since both of my saves had me killing the fire giant mage? Is the Dragon's Aerie a part of the main quest? If so, how do I get there without starting over?
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Nevermind - I found the entrance to the aerie. I just had to move around in the mountains as I exited the fire giant cave.