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Has anyone had issues getting GBC to work with Pools of Darkness? Mine won't bring up the hud and map when I click search. If there's a workaround what did you do to get it working? Please advise, thanks!!
I thought it specifically said it wouldnt work in 1.3 POD?? look at the readme.
Mine works ver. 2.5 GBC
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Hi guys! I got it sorted out with the help of the GBC creator. Turns out you have to keep the default config file settings as they are to get GBC to work. I usually change the config to silent sound, and that was throwing things off.
I was just trying this too. I didn't know it wouldn't work on POD. Is the 2.5 and older version?
Just found out about the GBC and was wondering if this can be used with the Mac versions of the games and if so how would I set this up ?