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So my cleric was killed outright by a monster in Sokal Keep. I took the party back to Phlan and visited a temple. Pooled the party's money, selected the dead cleric, then Heal, then Raise Dead. Priest says it'll cost 5500gp; will I pay it? I hit Yes, and I get the message "NOT ENOUGH MONEY."

Thing is, the party's pooled cash includes 880 platinum. Doesn't 1 pp = 10 gp? So that should be 8800 gp. Why is the game saying I don't have enough money to raise the cleric? (I also tried giving the dead cleric all 880pp, but it still said I didn't have enough money.

I tried at the temples of Tyr and Sune. Both gave the same result. Am I doing something wrong? Should I try the third temple in Phlan?

This question / problem has been solved by ZyloxDragonimage
Okay -- I figured it out. The cleric was killed by a giant scorpion, so it finally occurred to me that I might have to have the priest Neutralize Poison on him before he could be raised from the dead. After doing that, Raise Dead worked.

It'd be nice if the game gave a less misleading message than "NOT ENOUGH MONEY" when a dead character needs to have another condidtion healed before he can be raised. Still a great game, though.
Also if memory serves (which half the time it doesn't for me), I think that 1 platinum = 5 gp rather than 10.
I just checked the Pool of Radiance Adventurer's Journal, and you're right. 1pp = 5gp. First Edition was so complicated!

So...I have about half as much money as I thought I had. Dang.