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I thought I read that in the Eye of the Beholder trilogy on, there is no mapping feature. What confuses me is that I found the Trilogy on another website as a place where old games can be downloaded, and at that site the Trilogy has a mapping feature! Is there a reason why the version has no mapping? (btw, that website's games come with glitches and everything, is so much better)
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Those games did not have an automap. Fans later created additions like the all-seeing eye ( ), that add features like that, but that's not the vanilla game anymore.
the sad truth :(
So the download I am referring to had an add-on (the automapping feature)? hmm Ok, that makes sense, I just didn't expect something like that. And I guess that makes the game that much harder. I still want to download the Trilogy when I have the opportunity (I have a few games ahead of them).