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Just curious if anyone has had success hex editing files to work on a mac using GOG. The reason I ask is because I have taken my characters from PoR->CotAB->SotSB and am now on Pools of Darkness. However my characters stopped leveling due to hitting their maxes, which I gather is a problem in PoD.

I tried editing some of the character .sav files with a hex editor referencing a blog post I found by googling around (the forum wont let me post a link). Specifically I edited the .SAV files in this location:

~/Library/Application Support/Boxer/Gamebox States/

The locations provided in the hex map on the blog I found didn't seem entirely correct, though some things like name and attributes seemed right. But even after editing just the character's name, saving, and reloading the game I didn't see any changes.

Anyone have any success with this? It'd be a real bummer if my characters couldn't make it through PoD due to caps and unfortunately I'm under the impression Goldbox Companion doesn't work for Mac.

Post edited September 04, 2019 by harriscw
Ah nvm, just realized there is a set of character files per saved game which makes sense. I was just editing different files than what I was loading. I would delete the original post if I could but doesn't seem to be an option for whatever reason. Sorry for the confusion!