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I am playing Eye of the Beholder and had a few questions about the Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures game. I have read in a post there was an alternate ending in an Amiga release that was not available in the pc dos version. GOG has the version without the ending. I was wondering if FRUA could be used to hack the original game like a module or if a clone module could be made to include the ending?
This question / problem has been solved by PetrusOctavianusimage
FRUA is a totally different game engine, so it would not be worth the effort. FRUA is good for tactical combat and/or story, but not for pressure plate puzzles and such.

I suggest trying the Amiga version (there is a prepackaged and very nice looking version available) or watch the ending on YouTube instead.
Thanks for the info. Can you create an intro with FRUA?
If you mean 'can you change the intro with FRUA'?, the answer is yes, but it requires some hacking.

If you mean 'can I make an intro with FRUA that would run automatically before Eye of the Beholder', the answer is unfortunately no--FRUA is an entirely different engine used to make Goldbox-style games like Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds. As Octavianus says, it doesn't have the functionality to make pressure-plate-style puzzles like Eye of the Beholder, which uses a later engine and is more of a Dungeon Master-style puzzle RPG rather rather than a tactical RPG.