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Hello guys,

my plan is to play through EOB1+2 (maybe 3 too) and I wanted to use the same party. So I checked all the classes and came up with the idea to create a Fighter/Thief instead of a dedicated fighter or thief. But here are my problems:

I wanted to use a dwarf instead of a human. But in EOB2 dwarves are restricted to level 12 in the thief class. Humans are not. So I guess the dwarf would be the better fighter/tank than the human (because +1 con) but does the thief restriction hurt? I have no idea when I am about to hit the level 12 restriction throughout the games. Can anyone tell me more about this? Do I get to level 12 during the first game already? Or mid/late 2nd game? I have no idea. If it is early I might use a human instead of a dwarf.

Also the manual states that anything heavier than leather armor hurts thieves abilities. But when I create a fighter/thief I want him in the front row in kind of plate armor or something. What abilities are exactly limited by heavier armor? I couldn't find any answers in the manual.

Are EOB veterans out here willing to help me? :)
You can only reach the level cap in EOB2 if grind heavily, which is not needed to complete the game. If you play the game without grinding, then your single class characters will be at level 10 or 11 at the end of the game. The only thieving ability, that you need, is the ability to pick locks and your fighter /thief can do that in plate mail as well.

I always create a dwarven fighter/thief for my front row and it works like a charm.

Btw: There is a general level cap in EOB2. No character can rise above the 13th level. They can still get xp, which will let them level up, once they have been imported into EOB3, but for EOB2 level 13 is the end of the line. By the time my single class characters got to level 13 in EOB2 my fighter/thief was still at 10/12. So that's not really an issue.