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For some time now I have been disappointed that the first EOB was essentially unfinished when I found out about the hidden areas on levels 1-3. Version 1.9 makes some use of them but all that is there is a dagger and a food package. I would be great if a version 1.10 could be made that incorporates these into the end of the game i.e. the route to the surface. Some of the improvements/changes I'd love to see one day include the following

1. A burning hands scroll that can be scribed into a mage's spell book
2. The hidden area on level 5 with the 2 spiders and 4 shelves is accessible. Maybe the burning hands scroll could be put here?
3. The unused pictures of the dwarf celebrating and the dwarven king are displayed when you cure the dwarven king and possible an experience reward for completing this quest (8000 XP?)
4. The sceptre of kingly might is an item you return to the dwarves for a reward (5000 XP?)
5. When Xanathar is killed, you get 14,000 XP for killing a beholder (either by hacking away or by employing the spike trap) and he drops the stone gem. The game does not end here
6. The stone gem is used to teleport to level 3 using the portal on level 7
7. The stone gem is then used to open the door on level 3 where the blue eyes are
8. Moving up to level 1 leads to the exit and 10,000 XP (as per the place on the map you can access behind the fallen rubble)
9. The game saves to allow characters to be exported EOB2
10. The Amiga ending plays

I was wondering if anyone has considered contacting the original programmers to find out what their plans were for the original ending and the way to the surface?

What are everyone's thoughts?