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Hi all,

I've been playing the EOB series on GoG without any problems. I beat EOB 1 and 2 some time ago and I wanted to import my characters from 2 into 3. I ran EOB 3, selected the option to import, and the game told me to run the "CHARCOPY" program to begin the process.

I went ahead and found the CHARCOPY program in the EOB 3 folder and when i tried to run it, my computer (Windows 10) told me it couldn't run that "app". I've tried running the program with different compatibility options under the properties tab, but it hasn't worked. I also tried running as an admin, but a message came up saying the computer could find no such program. I'm not quite sure what else to do. If someone has any advice I would appreciate it. Thank you!

I apologize for posting this, just saw the other forum post on the same topic. Disregard.
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