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My bard is stuck in this level, where there's no way to go on. I found 2 of this "chaos" symbols, one in the opposite face of the same wall tile.
I've tried to step in, to hit them, cast on them... can't really know how to proceed and the rest of the floor is closed :(
I've attached a screenshot of the symbos
chaos.jpg (161 Kb)
Post edited August 06, 2019 by Akasha
thats just a background decoration

personally i usually turn them off with the F1 key (i think that's the right key)

anyway if you are stuck you may have missed an illusionary wall ora key
(if the options were active on dungeon creation),
or a hidden switch, given the wall texture in your screenshot it should not be too hard to notice

also i believe there is a rare chance that the game could construct a level that is unwinnable

oh and another way to the next floor is jumping into a pittrap (if traps were turned on in dungeon creation)

i hope this helps ya
happy dungeoning
Items on the ground appear on the map, but the key could also be in a niche and then it would be easily missable.