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is it possible to delete the high scores? the highscore file that comes with a fresh install of the game is already filled with some people's scores.
i know it is a minor annoyance, but any help would be appreciated.
This question / problem has been solved by Vyraexiiimage
the highscore table is in the savegame folder inside the install location
for example mine is in D:\GOG Games\Dungeon Hack\SAVEGAME

the files are hiscore.dat and hiscore.def
my suggestion is to makea new folder and move them into it and hope the game creates new hiscore files

if that don't work then copy them back and edit the copies in the savegame folder
and keep the copies in the new fokder just in case t0eh game wont recognise your edited versions

i hope that you can cleean up your scores list with this infos
btw i think that in the past i had done this mysef as a lets see what happens if i .... moment XD
anyroads goodluck friend and happy dungeonhacking

alterntiely i think teh newscore.exe file in the savegame folder resets the scores as well, you'd have to edit teh dosbox settings so as not to automaticily close the dosbox window when you exit the game o you can run it
Post edited March 12, 2017 by Vyraexii
yes, i think using the newscore.exe worked. thank you very much!
Smogg: yes, i think using the newscore.exe worked. thank you very much!
your welcome and have funs