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There's a bug in restore games that is never mentioned
The monsters go silent. It seem it only loads monster sounds on dungeon level changes. So when you restore a saved game no monster noises until you go down a level. No biggy but thought someone would edit the save game load code to include loading the monster noises by now.

The way I play this game is set the sound to soundblaster for sounds and music. Set the cycles to 15k. I use the keypad to move as its so much quicker than mouse. I only save right before going down a level so I always have monster sounds. Again this is not a GOG specific or DOSBOX bug it even does it on my Pentium using original version in DOS.

BTW I own the original boxed version and have a better scan of the manual than GOG has. I also have a pdf of the Reference Card. If GOG wants it they can contact me.

Edit: I have used SVN version of dosbox replacing the .74 that comes with the GOG version, it has a save/load state feature which works fine in saving games btw if you need to save more than once per level. ALT-F5 to save ALT-F9 to load.
Post edited October 02, 2016 by jamosb
hadnt noticed
but then i usually turn the sounds off anyway XD
back then i had a computer that could barely run it
and had to turn off stuff
ahh the good ol days