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Hail Adventurers! DM Wyvern here. I would like to invite you back to 1988, as I descend into the Pool of Radiance and attempt to liberate the ruined city of Phlan from the monsters and evil that have overrun the city!

Check out Episode 1 of my Pools of Radiance Let's Play here:
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In EPISODE 2 the Wyverns of Waterdeep strikeout to finally rid the slums of the monsters that have overrun it...

Field Report Episode 2:

Clearing out the slums street by street, I mostly encountered roving bands of Kobolds, Goblins and Orcs - nothing too hard for my beginning party to handle.

I ran into my first difficult fight in Room 10 - filled with Monster Guards, my Sleep spells eventually wore off and I lost both Fighter / Thieves in subsequent rounds.

I did not max out HP and this has left my party extremely fragile. I was worried that my two clerics would soon be wiped too leading to a reload...


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