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kmonster: The problem is that after reading you only know that you don't know and cannot reliably plan ahead since it's unclear to which game if any from the series the numbers apply. The level 18+fighter thac0 numbers look just like fantasy numbers since they don't apply to any game, in combination with "This table varies by specific Gold Box games" the reader can't rely on anything.
It looks a bit like a "I know it but I won't tell you" mockery, doesn't fit to the depth of detail in other parts of your FAQ.
They do apply to a bunch of games; several apply the 2nd Edition rules. Pool/Curse both behave as if they're trying to do that, so that's what I wrote.

The Gold Box games also typically support THAC0 some distance above the level caps, and there are ways of getting around those. It doesn't take much hacking to train a fighter to level 18 in Secret of the Silver Blades; that fighter will have better base THAC0 than a level 40 fighter in Pools of Darkness, which suddenly has the level 17 cap rule from 1st Edition.

I left it this way partly because I didn't thoroughly check all of the other AD&D games; people do make decisions for other games not in this series based on what I write.
Null_Null: Sat down and read the whole thing in 2 hours. What a delightful remembrance of things past! (And I never did manage to beat the Beholder Corps without losing my dust.)

This is *extremely* impressive! I always wondered how those encounter frequencies were generated, and why my chaotic evil fighter/mage/thief could never make the Commander happy. There are special rakshasa with longbows--who knew? (Similar to the orc leaders with magic flails and chain mail in Pool, I guess...) I wasn't ever really sure if Curse adjusted the encounters to party strength...and now I know!

This may help Joonas get a few of the bytes left in Curse that aren't in the hack notes.

Yeah, this is where most Goldbox superfandom ends, because nobody wants to play Secret that many times. Thanks anyway!
Secret gets a bad rap imho, it's probably my favorite in the series, or a close 2nd after por.
How did you deal with the ice caves? That's when a lot of people get tired.
Null_Null: How did you deal with the ice caves? That's when a lot of people get tired.
My first trip into the ice caves, I made kind of a half-assed map (just showing intersections). Once you get a feel for the size of the caves, they're not so annoying/intimidating. They're actually a very small part of the overall game, you just have to pay attention to where you're going a bit instead of taking the mostly linear path that the rest of game sends you down. Also, you can flee random encounters in the ice caves without consequence if your party is low on health/out of spells/etc.
A new bug I think that my current save has:

When entering Dexam's dungeon, outside of random encounters no other encounters trigger. Nothing triggers at Dexam's locations, et cetera. Nothing found at elven corpse.

Really bugging me out (harhar), as trying to do a replay of all the Forgotten Realms games. :(

I even loaded an earlier save, and went through the Keep and Shrine again, but same thing, so think it has to do with something in the save itself, doubt the game has had patches in a long time. Playing on GOG version.
I had this happen occasionally, usually when I was trying to play with one character (don't ask). I have found sometimes the events fire in the wrong places, but they were spread out to the point the dungeons wasn't finishable. You might just have to go back to an older save before the thing happened--as you say, I think it is a result of save corruption.