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Over the years, a lot of good editors have been made for various games. In particular, the Gold Box games have some good editors and automappers:

Quick note on Eye of the Beholder trilogy:
There are two (freeware) automapper utilities for this trilogy. All Seeing Eye for EoB1 and EoB2. All Seeing Eye 3 for EoB3. Links are:

Jonas H's approach is based upon DosBox, neither of the ASE programs will work without the relevant EoB# game being played with DosBox.

There are articles on the trilogy too:
Eye of the Beholder III Hub

Automapper Utility for Eye of the Beholder 1 & 2

For other Gold Box games, there is the Gold Box Companion...

UGE - FRUA Hacking
This deals with the Universal Game Editor.
Generally UGE will be inferior to an editor created specifically for a given game or series.

Attached image: All Seeing Eye in action
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