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Welcome to my FAQ earthlings, i'll try to update this as I spot more FAQ's.

1. Will you continually update after release[
YES! It is indeed my plan to keep updating the Show and ensure it stays interesting. Big and small updates are already planned for post release!

2. What are you working on now?

I have ordered the developers to make most of the production visible on a Trello board. You can go right in and see what they are doing on a day to day basis: Here[]

You can vote on stuff to motivate them, and you can of course discuss stuff here, that you found on Trello.

3. I like your show, can I help with anything?

Yes, I have already made plenty of improved decisions based on community feedback, and it's extremely motivating to have an ongoing human dialogue about the development of the game, so please share your thoughts as much as possible.

4. I'm a huge fan of you C-SAR are you on Twitter?
Dear earthling, indeed I am, and your transmissions are welcome: Link

5. What's this Streamer Event everyone is talking about?
An exclusive pre-release Streamer event!
In short, the release discount increased with the number of people watching!
More info in this post

6. What platforms will the game be available on?
The game will be available for PC at release, and the current plan is to work on an OSX and Linux version after release.
I'm also considering consoles, since it plays so well with a controller!

7. Is the game playable with a controller?
Yes indeedy! I've made the whole game playable with a controller, and if you find any issues, do report them to me!
Note that I can't support all types of controllers, but any official Xbox controllers and any controller that uses Xinput should be plug and play :)

8. How does Showdown relate to the original FORCED?

It's a spinoff, more focused on singleplayer, randomly generated gameplay that offers a lot of replayability.
The focus is now the the gladiatorial games that you were originally training for, a galactic game show! It also features a bunch of the same characters.
The combat style is similar, but crystals and skill setups have been replaced with deckbuilding and skill upgrades.
Everything is still avoidable, but there's plenty of random :)