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First of all, well done on the game, it runs nice and smoothly for me and I've yet to experience any bad glitches. And the UI seems to have received a lot of polish to make it look sleek and nifty. I have a few suggestions for slight tweaks to the way controllers work. I feel the menu system could use a bit of quality of life.

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that the menu system is designed for mouse first and foremost, but a few things would make things flow better when using a controller.

Back button: In the settings there is a cancel button, but I find many places in the UI you still need to move the pointer to the Back or Exit button to actually go back, rather than pressing something like B (on an XBox 360 controller) to exit a menu.

Scrolling: When working with the deck manager, it'd be neat if there were the ability to for instance use the left and right triggers, D-pad, shoulder buttons or other things to cycle pages left and right. Haven't tried out with the mouse, but though we're talking left/right mousewheel support there would be a nice quality of life improvement as well.
Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely consider it for future updates!