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Since this is the only review on the site, I thought I'd respond. I've only played the game a couple days after the review was made, so I doubt anything's changed (maybe it has). I'm sure my hearing isn't what it used to be, but here's my take.

The harsh audio he mentions, the sounds I remember from blooming flowers on the ps3 so many years ago are still there, but they're way too soft to hear compared to the ps3 version. Seriously, I turned the music all the way down to 20% just to hear the blooming sounds and the wind better.

Not all flowers make a sound when they bloom, so it seems. (Most often, the white ones.) That may be different. It's been so long, I don't remember.

I'd have given it the same score for the same-but-different reason. The audio levels need to be right out of the box for this kind of game. (As should all games, but it really hampers artistic ones like this.)

The music in cutscenes also don't follow your audio settings. This is annoying.

Side note: I also would have liked to see an option to use the right stick to control blow intensity, since it's not being used for anything else. I could have sworn the original used the analog triggers, which made controlling the wind much more pleasant. Defaulting to A makes it decidedly less so. (The default may depend on what kind of controller you use.)
Post edited February 17, 2019 by savorysashimi