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When I start Flower after installing from the offline installer I get a popup dialog stat states:
Direct3D failed to initialize.
Direct 3D initialization error

Any suggestion?
I already reinstalled the Direct X and C+ parts
and have rebooted multiple time.

If I can't get this fixed how do I get a refund?

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Write to our support team :)
I already wrote the support team, but so far the only suggestion was that I reinstall DirectX and upload a diagnostic file. Otherwise radio silence.
Hastur-: Write to our support team :)
Hello !

maybe it is the same issue.
On my PC, it does not launch.
Nothing happens.
What can I do ?

Checked on Steam forums and product page and it looks like they have been a little bit more specific there (or added later) since the minimum configuration contains this line:

Notes supplémentaires : Must support AVX Instruction Set.

My core i7-740QM does not so the game is not going to work (and will not since the only option available would be an emulator provided by Intel but which is very slow).

I'll contact the support to seek a refund but I wanted to let the other people who might have the same issue know.

It might also be good to update GOG's game card.

EDIT: fixed typos.
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On the steam forums there is a thread about this, and the devs said they are looking at a fix to remove the AVX requirement, Lets hope that when that fix comes through they will also bring that fix to the GOG version!