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heyo. so far, enjoying this very much. two things i would make mention of are as follows:

1) the start of the game needs some kind of indicator that you're up and running. it starts so fast, i sat there for a bit waiting for the usual 'here's how to play' only to realize there was no such thing... i just had to start clicking and figure it out. which was AWESOME! i loved the lack of hand-holding BUT it would be nice to have some indicator that we are GO. i thought it was still loading! :)

2): my entire town died because i couldn't fish. literally couldn't fish. i built the boat, i clicked for the buoy... and nothing. so something to hint as to where or what to look for to set a sucessful fishing spot would be great. because right now, my towns are dying because... i can't get the boats to fish! :P

thanks for your hard work! its wonderful!