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Out of boredom and curiosity I decided to root through the game's files and found some interesting leftover code which suggests that at one point in development you had to pay to repair your car and/or individual parts between races and that a possible prize for winning a raced was a free repair, and since this repair was labelled as "Prize 1" in levelmenu.bed this also suggests that you could get multiple prizes at one point as well.

Unfortunatly most of the assets for this cut feature seem to have been removed, all of it's associated .tga files for the icons are missing and most of the repair functions referenced by levelresults.bed and repairmenu.bed (such as "RepairAll()" and "RepairPartDamage()") are not defined by any other script.

In fact the only functions related to this feature that are still defined are EnterRepairMenu(), ExitRepairMenu() and RepairPart(partname) which only checks if the part requested to be repaired is actually in the player's inventory and then calls RepairPartDamage() (which is undefined) and then applies the repaired part to the car.

If anyone has any experience with .bed script files it would be interesting to see this re-enabled.

On a side note I find it really irritating that things are not in order in the code, e.g. instead of song ID 01, 02, 03 it's 17, 09, 14 and instead of car ID 01, 02, 03 its 03, 12, 08, 09 (I blame Mikko Sivulainen since he wrote the script that defines the cars).

If the numbers assigned to the cars relate at all to the time they were developed then the first car added to the game would be the Speedevil and the last car would be the Ranker1.
I personally think that repair system is a leftover from Bugbear's previous game: Tough Trucks.
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