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I'm having the oddest glitch with Flatout 2. The camera is facing the front of my vehicle. It's as if the camera is in the rear trunk of the vehicle in front of me pointed back at the front of my vehicle. There's absolutely no racing like this because all I can see is the front of my vehicle and the road behind. I can't see anything in front of me, so it makes it a tad bit difficult to drive.

Anyone else have this issue ? I've never seen it before in any racing game.

I actually own a retail version of the game but chose to purchase and install the GOG version to play without the disc. Yet I do not recall having this problem with the retail version of which I played thoroughly.
gergo66: The camera is facing the front of my vehicle.
Press C.
If it doesn't work, try checking if PageDown key isn't stuck.
Thanks Kerebron. I just noticed your reply and started the game up today and it's seems to be OK now. Not sure what happened before. Weird.
You view reverse if you hold down the Shift key. There might be something about your keyboard that allowed the shift key to register as being held down even when it's not.