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I got this game a few hours ago, and at first after installing and launching it i thought it might not be working at all (just a black screen for about 1 min!), but eventually the NVIDIA graphics logo played and the game loaded up (so for those that just get that black screen, just wait and it might run).

Using Windows 7 64 bit.

The second time i launched it it was as fast as it should be, but the whole game has no sound. I use a HDMI cable to connect to a TV display, and never had any issue with other games not being able to run sound over the HDMI.

I tested the speaker out socket with some headphones and there is sound there just not through the monitor via the HDMI.

In the setup launcher settings (you can find this in your Start Menu listing, just look for the Flatout2 launch icon there, and you will see the 'settings' launcher just below. For some reason it does not place it in the game install folder, and i've seen a few people ask about getting the configuration screen back) I have a number of options i can use under 'Sound Driver':

1. Direct Sound (this gives the sound over the headphone socket)
2. The TV's driver (Philips FTV-4 Nvidia driver) - choosing this gives no sound over HDMI surprisingly?
3+4. Some realtek output options that give no sound over HDMI.

So does anyone else use a HDMI cable from their GPU to TV to run the game? And if so how did you get the sound/music to work?
Not found a solution to no sound over HDMI, so i added some separate speakers via the sound-out jack on the PC and have all the sounds and music that way.

Still i do wonder why out of all the hundreds of games (new and old) i have only this one won't do sound over HDMI? Weird.

EDIT: This topic is now SOLVED

Shame i can't mark my own post as solved.

The cat did it, somehow it walked on the keyboard and very specifically muted the volume to the TV via it's sound device (so not just the remote volume level). Why are cats such super hackers? Anyway if someone wants to post "the cat did it" i can mark that as solved :)
Post edited September 27, 2018 by ThorChild