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joesmaname: I'd only be interested in purchasing if local LAN play works (It's a blast with friends) - Wont pull the trigger until I hear from GOG that it does. This lack of transparency on local LAN functionality is epidemic on GOG. This post and many like it are far from solved.
Hello. the last update is 23 may 2016, so I think the LAN function still doesn't work.
But GOG team did an update for the Linux version the 14 september 2018, maybe they'll work on issues for win versions now.
keep hope, Bye !
Found a solution and posted about it in this thread:

Hm.. still not allowed to post links so here's what I wrote:
"Found a solution on that works.

Download the file listed here:
Hm... for some reason I cant post links so just add https:// at the beginning of the string
Replace the flatout.exe and enjoy.

This works for the Steam version as well if you apply the flatout 1.1 patch first and then do the fix above."
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