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high rated
Update "Map Editor" (1.4)

New features:
- Map editor to create custom maps and share it with steam workshop. Map pack from developers is already available in the game
- We've reworked map generation: it became much faster, you can preview the map before launching a game and you can choose one of six different terrain types
- New "Aristocrat" origin: noble feudal lord who serves his suzerain to gain his loyalty, which can be traded to various useful things
- New trade events affecting goods price. Price changes during winter also moved to this system
- New building: Arrow Basket. It can be placed on fortress wall. People shooting from this wall have 50% chance not to spend ammo on shot
- Added crossplay between Steam and GOG game versions
- Developer mode with additional functions. This mode can be enabled by creating a game with name "GodModeOn" and achievements will be disabled for this game

Minor features:
- Peasants called to arms will "reserve" weapon before taking it, so peasants will try to take different weapons instead of going to same chest. It will highly speed up gathering speed after calling to arms
- Main square can now be built above farms and trees (they will be automatically destroyed)
- Trees amount is increased for smaller maps and reduced for bigger one. It will make playing on different maps more balanced
- Stone drop rate from quarries is increased by ~15-20%
- Wolf and bear attack types changed to blunt. It will make beasts less powerless against buildings
- Reduced amount of bears coming with north barbarians by 20%
- Warriors attack priorities for beasts are now lower than for enemies
- Improved AI behaviour for friendly archers on the castle wall
- Camera speed is depends on current camera zoom
- Minor interface improvements

- Achievement for all victories in the ironman mode is fixed (previously you could get it only during one game, and not after taking one and save-loading)
- Warriors will not switch to peaceful mode after killing a beast, if enemies are still on the map
- Fixed a rare crash caused by mover who tried to load up a long craft building
- Fixed an issue where food price with low freshness can be negative on selling with trade tent
- Dirty dish is no more marked as deficit
- Fixed an issue where "Druid Among the Trees" buff checked old position for persons who sleeping or sitting on the throne
- Fixed an issue where bear which tried to destroy a chest didn't notice relocating that chest and continued hitting nothing
- Fixed an issue where Arrow Brazier can't be built sometimes
Hotfix 1.4.4
- Added ingame link to the discord channel

Hotfix 1.4.5
- Fixed an issue where server app can have several lags sometimes while bear looks for food in player's chests
- Game is built on older gamemaker version, which should fix some rare crashes
Hotfix 1.4.6
- Fixed an issue where some items can be deleted from inventory on load
- Fixed an issue where pop up with north army info always said that 6 bears will come
- Fixed typos
- Lots of improvements for Traditional Chinese localization made by our player eva08maicy02
Update "Wikipedia" (1.5)

New features:
- External game Wikipedia
Lots of content is already added by the dev team, but feel free to expand existing articles or add a new one!
- Import map feature which allows you to make a map based on an uploaded png image (you can use a part from the real world or some fantasy map, for example)
- Rebalanced prices for almost all goods and rebalanced resource amounts for all events

Minor features:
- Spend and given resources are displayed near to the citizen. The amount of displayed resources can be set in the game settings.
- Wooden Chest can now be upgraded to Big Wooden Chest
- Added edict for changing priority of ranged weapons for a militia
- Added edict for forbidding to plant new farms a few hours before the winter
- Added new interfaces sound
- Total price is now displayed near to the buy order on a trade tent interface
- Chance to enslave enemy while playing nomads is now depends on citizens' amount: it's higher for small villages and lower for big villages. Characteristics of enslaved people will most depends on enemy characteristics (previously it depended only on citizens' characteristics)
- Maximum amount of enemies is increased in the late game for the medium and high difficulty
- Improved AI logic for bears which come with northern army
- Improved AI logic for enemies who attack buildings
- Buildings can be transferred or destroyed using hotkeys even if buttons with those hotkeys are not displayed in the bottom right menu

- Map 12. Bastion is fixed - previously this map became larger on save-loading. Same issue also could occur on some workshop maps
- Fixed "invisible" wetlands on the maps
- Ability to plant farms during the winter is disabled for the feudal lord
- The event "Our region became calm and prosperous" will not occur so often. Previously, chance of this event weren't reset after event occurring
- Fixed an issue where farmers don't plant part of the farms after the winter if some farms were destroyed by the event before the winter
- Fixed a very rare crash caused by shooting using a bow
- Fixed a crash which may occur when there are no chests and a hungry peasant is searching for food
- Fixed an issue which caused buildings' animation to stop
- Fixed an issue with Traders origin where Add Trait button can be blocked even if there was enough money to add a trait
- Amount of required resources for building is now displayed properly for 100+ resource amount
- Clicking on tools or seeds notification will select the not finished Tool Bench or Seed Extractor if there are no finished buildings
- Description for the Tribe origin is expanded
- Fixed an issue where price for items bought using a trade tent depended on set quality, even if those items have no quality parameter
- Fixed an issue where current amount of food wasn't correctly displayed in the events if there were not enough food for decision
- Fixed an issue where knocked down allies could move after save-loading
- Fixed an issue where enemies enslaved by Nomads can get stuck sometimes during their job
- Fixed Thrifty trait for the trader profession
- Science exp for killing domestic animals is now given to Sheep Breeding/Animal Breeding sciences instead of Primitive Technology science
- Fixed an issue where Autonomous Drill's recipes for the current recipe's group were not loaded after Drill's building
- Small interface fixes
- Text fixes