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on Dec. 15 there was an update for Firewatch released on Steam:


- Sony DualShock 3, DualShock 4, DualSense, Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series controllers will now be auto-detected (without need of any third party software).
- Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are also supported (wireless only). ​
- Pressing buttons on an input device will automatically switch in-game controller icons to match.
- Pickup items such as turtles and beer cans should no longer fall through the world.
- Several rare save/load bugs have been addressed.
- Graphics performance improvements.
- [Mac OS] Rendering, performance, and battery-life improvements when running on a Metal-supported device.

Any plans this update also will be avail for the GOG version?
Till today the version here on GOG is still not updatet to this new version.
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Here's hoping, found a number of bugs myself so maybe some of them will be fixed too.

The radio disappeared a bunch of times, the far side of the helicopter has 2 doors [one open & one closed, 3 doors in total] & the you hear the sound of a plane going overhead numerous times but it's not animated & is in a fixed position in the distance.
There were others also.
*Something* in Firewatch package was updated in the last hours. No changelog provided so far, though.
Version changed from 1.09 to 1.12 according to registry.

edit: here's the changelog.
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PS4 DualShock doesn't work with patch version 1.12a

Firewatch version 1.12a (GOG) on macOS Monterrey - According to developer the new patch should automatically detect and support the PS4 DualShock controller but it doesn't. PS4 DualShock works in the game only with older patch 1.09 on mac
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In the new patch 1.12 worsened graphics
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The subsurface scattering has been removed and the shadows have been made more contrasty.

More detailed comparison:
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