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The Steam version received 3 patches, the third patch was released on July 5th and the GOG version was released on July 15th.

Going straight to the point, according to the dates, it is to be imagined that the GOG version has the 3 patches applied, correct? Wrong! The GOG version MAYBE has the first patch. The second and third patches it does not have, as the bugs that were fixed in these Steam patches are present in the GOG version.

Why do developers do this? Just add the patches in the GOG version and launch, unlike, they prefer to release a broken game on GOG, without Steam patches and charge the same amount as Steam. Is the money of those who buy on GOG different from those who buy on Steam?

Friends of the GOG store, be warned that this version does NOT have the Steam patches! MAYBE, as I said before, patch 1 is applied, however, patch 2 and 3 were not applied! Which for me is a total lack of respect for GOG customers.

Cheers to everyone!