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'Ello ello. I played Final Liberation back in '97 and absolutely loved the game for its' amazing soundtrack, immersive gameplay, pant-wettingly cool full motion videos and general awesomeness. I remember looking at the encyclopaedia sections for the Tyranids and Eldar with longing :>

I recently had surgery and played it again in the hospital while recovering and draining various fluids, and was reminded just how goddamn brilliant this game is. Did a little Googling and downloaded all the modding tools that thefifthhorseman posted on here, and I'm seriously considering making the expansion-that-never-was for this game and trying to add a new campaign featuring tyranids and an expanded space marine army.

A full campaign = A playable campaign with engaging plot and storyline. I've no idea if this is possible with the modding tools that have been released, or whether an actual campaign would need the full source of the game. Quite tempted to find out who owns the rights to this now (I assume GoG) and seek an official blessing...

Tyranids and new space marine units = New sprites, rulesets, sound fx, voiceovers etc in line with current armies

FMVs = One of the things that made the original so engaging were the full motion cutscenes, with great character development and talented acting. That would be a must for a serious expansion I think. I have friends that work in the film industry who would like to get involved, so we could make this happen.

Soundtrack = Next to the FMVs, the soundtrack was AMAZING and seemed to fit the game beautifully. I want to extend the score. Maybe it's even possible to get The Samsara Project involved. Looks like they're still going, in some form at least.

Questions to you guys:
- Do you think there's call for this? Is there enough of a community left to actually play?
- Would anyone from this board like to get involved?
- Has anyone tried to make an actual campaign - do you know if this is technically possible with the current tools?

This is great game, undoubtedly people would play it, but... main problem of this game are technical difficulties... if somebody would be able fix this game so people could play it without problem, that new campaign would be awsome!

Best would be community patch first, then new campaign. Since nobody did it so far I am afraid, that there is no simple way how to fix the whole game.
I mean that sounds amazing!

But I have to agree with the IXOXI here, you would get a huge amount of love if you could fix the base game and solve all the issues in it.

I would assume that would need to be done before you can create your own campaign with new armies anyway?

Either way I wish you the best of luck and a quick recovery :)