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I am modding the campaign, but I am unable to do too complicated things, like adding new units or gfx. I can easily change the existing ones, within the game parameters.

I think that the artillery units are undercosted and the tank/APC units are too weak (and maybe overcosted?).
In the Space Marines TT, a heavy weapon platoon had the same cost as a tank squadron or a heavy artillery battery.
In Final Liberation, siege mortars and earthshakers are much cheaper than tanks, but perform better against almost anything.

But the other issue is that late campaign, orks pose basically no threat.

So here is what I planned to do about it:
Give better armor penetration to some ork tanks and to their stompas. I'll replace the Splinrippas with the Braincrusha (same range as a volcano cannon, same Penetration as a quake cannon, very low armor), as these are similar in look.
I'd add a massive armor boost to Space Marines and Bad Moonz nobz (with a cost increase).

I'll increase the cost of fighter/bombers as they are a pain to negate, and are devastating for their price.
I'll increase the durability of the Land Raider and Thunderhawk.
I'll increase the cost of deathstrikes and titans massively.
I'll increase the penetration of the volcano cannon, but increase the price of the Shadowsword acordingly.

What do you think about these changes?
I would like to add some more Space Marines units, but I am still unconvinced it can be done without crashing the encyclopedia.
Would love this. All the tanks need massive armour upgrades. I stuck to the Leman Russ because the bigger tanks were all taken out long before they did much damage. Combined heavy and tactical infantry backed up with heavy artillery are much more effective in most situations