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Changelog for Update (added 03 October 2017):

Severe Issues Fixed
* The Brass Bridge will now accept your trumpet pistons, even if you had encountered this bug before patch
* Corrupted save games are converted to working save games. Some players with previously corrupted save games will face a slight setback, however, all Remembranes are retained and can be viewed in the hub

General Bug Fixes
* Fixed an issue where Piper would do a small stutter in her animation every time she started and stopped talking
* Fixed an issue where you would not always hear the audio from a Remembrane
* Reduced some stutter in one of Dusty's animations
* Tweaked the travel-cutscenes between Freedom Promenade and Cerebrum City
* Fixed an issue where the handle in the tree in The Bright Planes was a bit too hard to hit
* Fixed a bug where you could activate buttons on the flying books in Ascension and Anchorage even if they were already pressed
* Fixed a collider in The SummitImproved the way English song subtitles are displayed to avoid typographic orphans
* Fixed various instances of visual glitches and flickering shadows

Known Issues
* After downloading the patch, “Restart Level” will be unavailable from the menu until you have entered another level once
* The camera can move incorrectly when revisiting the Clock Tower after having defeated the Spider Queen
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Changelog for Update 1.1.5 (added 19 July 2018):

Hello everyone!

Version 1.1.5 is out now!This is a patch with a lot of performance improvements and a ton of small fixes and tweaks everywhere in the game. After having released Figment for the Switch last month, we are now taking all the optimizations made for that platform and applying them to the PC, Mac, and Linux release. Besides better performance across the board, we’ve revamped the level loading system so going between levels should be a lot faster in most situations.

Below you can find a more detailed and extensive list of changes made to Figment.

* Bedtime Digital Games

General Changes
* Many performance optimizations
* Controller Vibration overhaul. Vibrations are now a lot more prominent in the game. There’s a slider in the Gameplay options menu which controls the intensity of the vibrations. Note that you can also turn them off completely
* Improved loading time
* Reduced stutter when traveling on moving platforms
* Added an option for controlling video overscan
* Improved Chinese localizations

Bug Fixes
* Adjusted various colliders on gas clouds to be more forgiving before hurting the player.
* Fixed an issue where Spitting Plants in The Symphonic Lobe would stop shooting if Dusty was hit by them
* Fixed a bug where you could sometimes take damage from the Tentacle Plant in the Garden of Creativity even when out of its range
* Fixed a bug where you could respawn the Tentacle Plant in the Garden of Creativity prematurely if you walked out if its area and then back in
* Fixed a bug where a platform would not rotate to the correct position when returning to the area after completing the game
* Refined the save point for the last Plague fight in Freedom Promenade, so you don’t respawn in the middle of his dialogue after dying
* Made the animation when Dusty is fired from the Catapults a lot smoother
* Made the start of the animation when Dusty is sliding down the Snake Tails a lot smoother
* Fixed an issue where it was possible to activate four of the organ's keys at once in Composition Row
* Fixed an issue where new objectives didn’t show up between exiting Outer Cerebrum and entering Clockwork Town
* Refined when and where you can interact with Enigma Boxes in Clockwork Town
* Fixed an bug where you could start the second Spider Queen encounter twice, breaking the cutscene and sometimes your progress
* Simplified the third-last boss encounter towards the end of the game
* Various navigation and collider tweaks
* Tweaked a bunch of problematic checkpoints
* Many other small tweaks and fixes
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Changelog for Update 1.1.8 (added 01 October 2018):

Bug Fixes
* Fixed an issue where you would get stuck during the second boss fight against the Fear of Loss.
* Fixed a rare collision issue where the player could manage to leave some islands, and venture out into the void.
* Fixed an issue where you could get stuck at the Headbanging Ear Tree in The Symphonic Lobe.
* Fixed an issue where the Kettle Brother in Bright Planes would still tell the player to go check on his two brothers, even after having collected the Remembrane.
* Fixed an issue where dying or quick-loading after recently having resumed the game from the menu, could mess with the gameplay in various ways.