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high rated
Now you can play with an alternative joystick detection!

This patch was maded thanks to this project:

Wich is a great controller mapping database!

In this version I also added support up to 500hz screen refresh rate (I think that the max in the market is 480hz (?)), and a lot of launch parameters too, here's the list:

Input related params

"-use_old_input" = Use old input reading architecture (in case you prefer it over the new one).
"-disable_joysticks" = Disable all joystick detection (useful to use external joy mappers).
"-allow_unknow_joysticks" = Try force compatibilty to detect unknow devices.
"-disable_merged_dpad" = Disable the DPAD and Left Analog input union.

Display related params

"-display_fps" = Display frames per second.
"-force_60hz" = Force display frequency to 60 frames per second.
"-no_vsync" = Disable vsync (it can lead to screen tearing).

"-window_x1" = Force Window Scale to 1x over pixel size.
"-window_x2" = Force Window Scale to 2x over pixel size.
"-window_x3" = Force Window Scale to 3x over pixel size.
"-window_x4" = Force Window Scale to 4x over pixel size.

Misc params

"-no_sound" = Disable sound processing.
"-disable_bug_support" = Disable the feedback window and crash report when game fails.

I hope you found it useful, mainly if you had been trouble with any of your joysticks on previous versions! =)
Awesome, thank you for your continued support and hard work!