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I just stumbled over this while checking up on the progress of Streets of Rage 4 (You must get that when it comes out GOG!)

A 3-player co-op beatem up that is also a love letter to some of my favourite beat-em-ups?


But damn I need a better controller; The D-pad on my ageing 360 pad just isn't capable of pulling of some of these moves consistently, and keeps throwing people by mistake!

I will say the game isn't quite as good as the Sega-banned Streets of Rage Remake v5, but it's still a must buy for anyone who was really in to games like Streets of Rage 2, Final Fight, the Turtles Arcade game, Castle Crashers etc.

Like SORRv5 it has a branching level structure, which also alters the story-line and leads to multiple endings. A lot of the game outside the main game is locked off at the beginning - You must play and amass points and beat (Or die) to have your points converted into coins to 'purchase' extra parts of the game.

SORRv5 does a similar thing, but here are some odd choices - Some things are understandable, like new costumes and new character unlocks, but the training/tutorial and easy-mode are also locked which seems a bit weird to need to unlock!

The gameplay itself feels great, easy to get into with a lot to master - The best kind of game! It has a great variety of enemies and the various attack moves and rush combos are very satisfying. The movement is fluid and a lot of moves are cancellable which is something I wish more beat-em-ups had! So many times I've started a move in SoR2 and then watched in annoyance as a baddie slowly walked up behind my char, paused, then punched them.

I already can see the difficulty ramping up and will require me to learn things like parry timing and escape moves, but it's well done and on the fun side rather than the frustrating side (At least so far...!). The unlimited continues and checkpoint-based system makes it a lot more forgiving than a lot of beat-em-ups.

I do kinda wish the play area was a bit bigger and it was 4-player capable for some serious TV couch co-op, but this scratches an itch that's been growing since I heard SoR4 was being developed!

I can't get over that this was mostly made by one person! Amazing work!