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That thing's TOO hard! I bought it, because i read it is similar to Streets of Rage (and because i liked its artwork)... But the game owns me and devastates me, completely!

I ain't no stranger to this type of games, on the contrary... I have beaten all mainstream, good old games of this genre, mostly on MAME and emulators, before, like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage. I have even demolished the Streets Of Rage Remake Fangame, on the highest difficulty setting, unlocking everything and getting highest scores!

This one, though... What's wrong with it? The difficulty is impossible... Too many combos and most importantly, extremely hard and inconvenient to pull off; even in TRAINING mode, for crying out loud, i cannot earn the blackbelt, because timer runs out... And how am i supposed to beat the game with no continues? The plain old, "git gud" argument, doesn't apply on this one, for sure! I am completely lost. Need advice? Hints? Tips? Guides, maybe? ANYTHING! To help me understand and master this freaking game's gameplay. Is a masterpiece, but i cannot enjoy.

P.S. Is there any win button or OP combo, like Max Thunder's Body slam, on streets of rage remake? To carry you throughout the game, incidents-free?
Post edited September 05, 2019 by KiNgBrAdLeY7