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Anyone able to get the PS4 controller to work with this? I went into the options and it allows me to edit the button configuration on the controller. However, after I do this it tells me to push enter and it doesn't register that on the controller. If I exit out of the configuration menu the PS4 controller buttons don't work on anything. Any ideas? Thanks!
If you're getting to the part where it says to press Enter, you have to press Enter/Return on your keyboard (Not the controller!) to confirm that is the button config you want to have, or Esc to abort.
Yeah this has started happening with my Mad Catz TE2+ arcade stick (PS3 / PS4 only). Before it worked, but now I'm having the same issues as described by the OP. The controller option seems to recognise the stick, as it shows the buttons and directions being pressed on the screen, but when I exit back to the menu, the controller won't work.
My controller is working again, the same day I received a GOG update. Seems like it was an issue with GOG rather than the game.

EDIT: I also checked other games I was having issues with (Raiden V) and my PS4 arcade stick is working fine there too now.
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