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Changelog for Patch 190614 (added 24 June 2019):

- I have updated the game due a glitch that was only happening on Cave stage at 60+ high refresh rates with F.Norris when you try to do an anti-air. Thanks Marco Rossi to reporting it via twitter! =)
- I have fixed another minor thing like windows start position on W10 scaled contexts (it was appearing slightly decentered).
- Additionally, I have adjusted some of the shop prices too. Those are the new prices:
--> Cpu-Partners now costs 600 coins (instead of 1000).
--> Easy Difficulty now costs 50 coins (instead of 100).
--> Training Mode now costs 30 coins (instead of 100).

That’s a pretty small update, but I think that can be cool anyway, because a lot of people are using high refresh rates monitors and it’s not good to have such glitches on it, and even, W10 scaled contexts are a more common setup lately because a lot of people are migrating to ultra HD screens, so, it looks pretty unprofessional if the window doesn’t appear centered on start.

By the way… that’s it! No more no less!
thanks for the update
Too bad they changed the costs though, meh.
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Changelog for Patch 210303 (added 03 March 2021):
Minor Patch for store savedata file more often.

I made a minor patch to store savedate more often now.
Now, if you shut down the system or your pc crashes is much more probable that you keep your last advance and coins.
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