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high rated
In this version there is a lot of improvements and even some new content that was made this last months. Some of the improvements comes from the fact that I’m currently working on new proyects that are using my framework.

Here’s the list of new content:

* Added a new “Musical Gallery” at the Extras section, where you can unlock music themes while you play on other modes.
* Added a way to adjust screen brightness in the image adjustments.
* Added a little indicator that shows the control status below the SP circle, only visible when player has the speedrun data visible.
* Added some extra info in the “times by stage” pop-up in order to identify which characters are involved and the selected game-speed in the current run… so, for example, if you play as Gal and F.Norris on maximum speed, it tells “Times by Stage <GF>T2” (which means Gal + F.Norris + Turbo 2). The difficulty setting not needs to be pointed, because window color is directly related to that, so, that will be enough in order to cover all the information in a single screenshot. =)

Here’s the list of improvements and fixes:

* Fixed some visual glitches during some transitions at some specifics videocards.
* Optimized the replay input files generated for provide support (now they take less time to be generated and are even more lightweight).
* Fixed a minor bug when you buy costumes, that shows an incorrect costume index on the confirmation pop-up title for some costumes.
* Fixed a bug that allows players to revive Raven in the raft battle if you throw him with you to the water just after killing him.
* Fixed a speed inconsistence on the survival mode elevator when you play on higher than 60hz frequencies.
* Fixed a border case that makes harder throw a weapon with Gal compared with other characters (you had to be a little more precise when pressed two buttons at same time).
* Adjusted some speed visual effects on higher frequencies to be consistent with 60hz.
* Fixed a slightly timing aesthetic detail when you win against a boss on higher than 60hz frequencies.
* Improvement some timing and effect details on the cutscene before first minotaur fight.

Before finishing this post, I really like to leave some grateful words for you.
It has been almost 3 years since Fight’N Rage was released, and since then a lot of cool things have happened as a result. Both I and my partner were grateful for all the acceptance that FnR has received. I always feel the need to emphasize that FnR came out without any marketing campaign behind, it was created under a sheet metal roof and in a rather precarious situation in many ways… it was you mainly who, spreading words, rating the game positively, made it possible to reach to more people, and that’s something that really makes me very happy, and today I can say with all conviction… which it was a key factor that helps me to keep moving forward in my life. I always had the idea that if something was really good, (and if it was in the right place… in this case, was Steam and later it came to GoG) there would be no strict need to force its promotion (of course that could help sometimes, that I don’t intend to deny it), but a part of me always wanted to see how far I could go this way… and I was pleasantly surprised. That’s why I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because in an age where it’s so easy to pirating games, it’s really a honor that people keep choose to support your game by putting money out of their pockets. Apart from all this, it has also been wonderful to see how the beat’em up genre went from being an almost forgotten genre and niche, to being booming these days. I really like to dream about the idea that maybe… just maybe, Fight’N Rage helped others to discover some of the true potential this genre can have in its purest state… You may never know for sure, but it’s nice to believe that there’s a chance it is. =)

I have nothing left but thank again everyone who bought Fight’N Rage, those who talked, who made videos or wrote reviews about it…. Thank you very much, this update is for you! =)
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Your game is really well made, it is not only a love letter to past games, but also an improvement to the genre, and you deserve all the praise for making it.

Thank you !!
I'm excited for the new update and thanks for best 2D beat em up out there man. Having this as a DRM free game is a dream.

I however can't see the latest build in the download page. Is it only for GOG Galaxy only?

I tried attached an image, but GOG won't let me upload images in jpeg, jpg, or png formats....
Great work. Could I ask when the offline backup will be available for 200725?

Thank you for your continued support to what is possibly my favorite game ever.

You rock!
ViperionX: Great work. Could I ask when the offline backup will be available for 200725?

For anyone trying to update the offline version of the game, I found a workaround since there has not been an updated offline download version released. I downloaded the Galaxy version which has the update and replaced the files over the offline version of the game.

It worked like a charm.
Thanks for making such a deep and polished game! I have never been good at these kinds of belt scrollers but your game really connected with me and I have managed to single-credit Hard mode with Gal. I plan to buy this game on another platform soon and have also purchased the OST and transcriptions, so I will continue supporting you and Mr.Varela however I can.
Top game! Top support!