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Changelog for Update 1.5.12 (added 30 May 2019) - Part I:

Field of Glory: Empires:
- When Field of Glory: Empires is released, it will allow battles to be exported to be played out in FOG2. After the battle, FOG2 can be automatically closed and Empires opened, and the results of the battle imported into Empires.

- It is now possible to choose to have allies from a different army list in custom battle armies. The main army list will provide the majority of the troops available for selection, the allies will provide a smaller proportion.
- The permitted allies are specified in the ArmyList file – as previously used for sandbox campaigns - based on known historical alliances. For historical reasons, where a small country and a large country were allied historically, the smaller country will be specified as an ally for the larger country, but often not vice versa. This is when it is deemed historically unlikely that the larger country’s troops would form a minority of the army, even if, for example, it sent a force to assist a client in regaining his throne.
- When the Geographical and Date filters are turned on, the list of permitted allies is also filtered for geographical proximity to the enemy state and date compatibility with both the enemy army list and any enemy allies list.
- Allied troops in custom battles are not required to deploy together under an ally general. This is not entirely historical, but is a “quality of life” game design decision, to avoid issues with deployment and group moves.

- Cohesion test details, with a list of all modifiers that applied, are now shown in the combat log and detailed close combat reports.

- Hotseat Custom Battles now allow manual force selection for both sides.
- Mediterranean, North European, Middle Eastern and Tropical Marshy terrain maps added.
- In random maps, vegetation has been added to marshes to make them easier to spot.
- Slings can now shoot overhead from higher ground.
- Lancers now get +50 Impact POA in open terrain vs steady, non-charging Pikes, Offensive Spearmen or Defensive Spearmen. (i.e. their normal +100 POA is only half cancelled against these).
- Cataphracts now get +50 POA for swordsmen capability vs steady Pike, Offensive Spearmen or Defensive Spearmen unless these are defending an obstacle. (i.e. their normal +100 POA is only half cancelled against these).
- Removed various “tells” giving away the position of hidden enemy units when they Fall Back, Form or Leave Square, Rout or Retreat. However, we have deliberately left in the notifications for units returning to the battlefield or rallying, even when these units are not visible, because otherwise players might think that the AI is cheating when these units reappear.
- Reduced number of additional generals available in tiny battles – this is primarily for very small Field of Glory: Empires battles.
- Xystophoroi now use a wedge formation of 5 figures. This is purely a change to the visual representation, because it looks cooler; nothing else has changed. The overall effects of their abilities and formation was already taken into account in their previous grading. Note that we are aware that some other historical units (e.g. Thracian heavy cavalry) also used wedge formation, but they share units with armies that didn’t, so we have left their formations unchanged.

- Flank charges against enemy that are not yet in combat moved to second AI pass so that other friends have the opportunity to engage the enemy first.
- Made retreating AI light troops do so on first AI pass even if Disrupted or Fragmented.
- Evady Cavalry/Camelry/Light Chariots will no longer allow themselves to be pinned by a light horse charge if they are also threatened with a possible flank/rear charge by non-light troops this turn. This was an unintended consequence of the previous change to prevent Cavalry/Camelry/Light Chariots from automatically evading from flank/rear charges by Light Horse. Note that it is still possible to pin them with light horse that start the turn in an adjacent square if the heavier charge threat is frontal.
- AI or pursuing cavalry will now never charge elephants unless the elephants are already Fragmented.

- Simplified retry process when sending End Turn or Save and Exit data if internet connection down or server does not respond. It is now only necessary to click the Proceed button on the "Failed to send the game to the server. Please check your connection and try again." popup to trigger the game to attempt to resend the data. Previously it was necessary to hit End Turn etc. again to trigger the resend, and there was a bug preventing a resend of a failed Save & Exit.
- Bugs affecting Mirrored MP challenges fixed. Mirrored Epic Battle challenges should now work correctly, but the fix only works for new challenges, not challenges created with previous versions of the game.

- The AI side in “Ditch” battles, as found in Belisarius and Ashurbanipal campaigns, will now start advancing immediately.
- Campaign scoring now takes into account whether the campaign is being played on “Progressive” difficulty.
- Campaign Design:
- TWEAK now works for all decision types except: 1, 2, (15, 18, 19 - these should not be used in custom campaigns anyway).

- Massed Greek Peltasts unit added - for various army lists.

Unit Cost adjustments:
- Expert Armoured Horse Archers (and equivalent units) – reduced from 72 to 66 points.
- Armoured Horse Archers (and equivalent units) – reduced from 57 to 52 points.
- Byzantine Flankers – reduced from 52 to 48 points.
- Persian Improvised Camelry – reduced from 60 to 56 points.
- Byzantine “above-average” lancers & archers – cost reduced from 55 to 54 points.
- Zealots – increased from 51 to 57 points.
- Veteran Samnite Foot – increased from 63 to 66 points.
- Veteran Dailami Foot – increased from 54 to 60 points.
- Mediocre Legionaries – reduced from 60 to 54 points.
- Imitation Legionaries – reduced from 54 points to 51 points.
- Early Imperial Roman Auxilia – reduced from 48 to 42 points.
- Legio Comitatenses - reduced from 54 to 51 points.
- Thorakitai – reduced from 54 to 51 points.
- Well-Armed Slaves – reduced from 46 to 44 points.
- Cretan archers – reduced from 42 to 39 points.
- Balearic Slingers – reduced from 36 to 33 points.
- Assyrian-style Mixed Medium Foot (Protected) – increased from 42 to 44 points.
- Assyrian-style Raw Mixed Medium Foot (Protected) – increased from 30 to 32 points.
- Assyrian-style Mixed Heavy Foot – reduced from 60 to 56 points.

Army Lists:
- Major revamp to the Thracian army lists, based on the authoritative work of Chris Webber (aka vakarr) as in his Mercenaries and Allies Mod. The new main-game versions of his lists contain only vanilla units, but remain extremely interesting from a historical and tactical point of view. There are now 11 different Thracian army lists covering the different Thracian groupings from 700 BC to 46 AD. For further reading, consult Chris Webber’s works: “The Gods of Battle: The Thracians at War, 1500 BC - 150 AD” (Pen & Sword Military) and “The Thracians 700 BC-AD 46” (Osprey Men-at-Arms series).
- Jewish 167-111 BC list divided into 167-164 and 163-111 lists. The latter gets some xystophoroi and raw pikes. Increased number of pikes available in 110-64 BC list.
- Greek Armoured Cavalry added to Roman 105-25 BC list.
- Added alternative 272-273 AD Palmyran army list for those who take the view that Zenobia would not have access to any local Roman troops in the war against Aurelian.
- Palmyran army lists changed to use “Eastern” archers.
- Massed Eastern archers added to Achaemenid Persian lists.
- Increased number of pike units available in many Hellenistic armies.
- Split Ptolemaic 320-167 BC list into separate 320-218 and 217-167 lists.
- Roman 285-424 AD custom/campaign battle auto-deployment changed to non-chequerboard.
- Added Libyan 549-301 BC list and changed start date of following list to 300 BC.
- Added Kyrenean 321-276 BC list.
- Added Dacian (Carpi) 107-380 AD list.
- Removed built-in Sarmatian allies from Dacian lists. They can be fielded by using a Sarmatian ally. Also added some Superior warbands to Dacian lists.
- Added Greek (Mercenary) 460-281 BC list. (Xenophon campaign changed to use this for Anabasis phases).
- Indian 545-599 AD list changed to use Indian-style lancers.
- Massed Greek Peltasts added to various lists.

- Units in Editor will now consistently show banners – red for side 0 and blue for side 1 (if vanilla banner textures are in use). Default sidenames switched to match.
- Units with Editor-placed generals will show long banners.
- User Content Creation:
- Added ReSkinReinforcementUnit(id, reverse) function that can be used to reskin scripted reinforcement units with side-appropriate textures. Must be called once for each reinforcement unit after it is created in the scenario script. reverse == 0 means use usual side colours, reverse == 1 means use reversed side colours.

- Slings can now shoot overhead from higher ground.
- Addition to Impact POA Chart: Lancers: (in open terrain only) +50 POA vs steady, non-charging Pikemen, Offensive Spearmen or Defensive Spearmen.
- Addition to Melee POA Chart: Mounted Swordsmen: +50 POA if Cataphracts vs steady Pike, Offensive Spearmen or Defensive Spearmen unless these are defending an obstacle.
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Changelog for Update 1.5.12 (added 30 May 2019) - Part II:

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug that could sometimes cause group Undo to give extra AP to units that were blocked from moving in the group move. Note that the fix adds a slight (1-2 second) delay to the Undo icon appearing in group moves where a unit was blocked from moving.
- Fixed bug that could sometimes prevent a “Leave Square” move from being Undone.
- Plugged exploit where a unit blocking shooting could be moved out of the way so that the unit behind could shoot, and then Undo used to move the first unit back into its previous position.
- Fixed bug whereby a unit set as “Cannot Control”, and hence which could not be given single unit orders, could get included in a Group Move.
- Fixed issue of mixed units not showing all spearmen and archers in correct positions for a couple of seconds when first deployed or redeployed.
- Fixed bug that could cause game to crash in the few user-created Epic Battles scenarios using non-scripted reinforcements.
- Hopefully fixed rare bug where a dispersed unit sometimes continued to have a “ghost existence” – being invisible but targetable and blocking access to the square.
- Fixed two bugs affecting mirrored MP games. The fixes will only work for newly set up challenges, not for ones set up with the previous build.
- Fixed bug preventing resend of MP Save & Exit data if internet connect was down or the server did not respond on the first attempt.
- Fixed issue of very long MP chat messages getting truncated in the chat message display.
- Fixed bug that could prevent MP challenge from being created if player’s comment included the “/” character.
- Fixed MP bug that sometimes caused group turn made during side A’s deployment to be undone by Side B’s replay.
- Fixed disappearing shadows bug affecting Epic Battle maps with some sub 0 height level tiles (Granikos and Issos).
- Fixed team allocation (for player group moves) errors in Frigidus scenarios.
- Fixed bug that could sometimes prevent AI unit from turning to avoid being flank charged.
- Fixed bug that caused indecisive (nightfall) campaign victories to be listed as defeats in campaign score report.
- Fixed remounting bug on large units of dismounted noble lancers and armoured noble lancers. (They should not have been able to remount).
- Fixed bug that could show troop quality incorrectly in Multiplayer Skirmish setup Army List previews if game difficulty level set to Centurion or Deity.
- Fixed bug that prevented the map width from being reset to the appropriate narrower width when a smaller campaign battle follows a larger campaign or custom battle.
- Fixed bug that could allow pursuers to pursue off the map edge through terrain they would not normally pursue into.
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Field of Glory: Empires

Changelog for Update 1.0.3 (added 31 July 2019):

GAMEPLAY (improvements and fixes)
- Mercenary decision won't pick slaves as a valid mercenary army
- Cotton Field structure can now be built again (Egypt and India)
- You can abandon a region which has the 'Under Conquest' modifier or is pillaged. It costs one government age per population as a limiter.
- Rebels conversion to a reborn nation won't happen in contested regions (fix some issues)
- Units in neutral territory can be moved away toward closest friendly region (up to 6 regions distance)
- When a region rebels, garrison is mustered, and you keep the walls.
- Slave decimation in case of revolt is one slave pop per 5 units raised (was 10)
- Can import or export up to 24 (each) different trade goods per region
- New Capitol building provided for free at all difficulty levels
- Fix to Judea temple decision could cause a crash
- New buildings and tweaked buildings (geared toward easier crowd control):
- Olympic Games (World Wonder, restricted to Hellenes nation)
- Tabularium (National Wonder, restricted to Italic ethnicity)
- Naumachia (gladiator games on water)
- Pleasure District (National Wonder) loyalty 25>30
- Coliseum, Circus Maximus (World Wonder) loyalty 50>60
- Circus, Racing Track loyalty 30>40
- Prison loyalty 10>15
- Fix to an improper evaluation in the 'Support Science' decision
- A region already defined as the main capital should not move to another region.
- Fix to Provincial units, if different per civilization level not given properly (e.g Galatian Hvy Inf.)
- DOW probability lessened and use extra factors.
- An enemy can't steal anymore a region only defended by an ally
- Provincial capitol will move to the correct region
- Ensure that auto garrisons raise against invasion and post-battles checks
- Fix to 2 late wonders not added properly (again)
- All nations are 'switchable' once they appear on the map
- 2 fleets made only of transports won't attack each other.
- Transported units don't skirmish or evade.

- Will merge more often weak groups
- Allies should loiter less in other territories
- If under severe threat, will favor grouping and defending around capitals

- Master Fletcher can improve skirmisher ranged attack (provided it is not 0) and provides 5 XP
- Slightly bigger bonus for Peace chance from war duration
- Population with 2 or 3 unrest (was 2 only) are green in the region panel
- Heavy Infantry balancing (for non clumsy HI):
- Scots now have +15% "Money Increase cost"
- Rex Custodiae will cost a bit more (Are unique so not exploitable)
- Lin Teata will cost a bit more money but less metal, thematic with their gear (Are unique so not exploitable)
- Britonnic, Goths, Galatians, Pictish, Dacians provincial heavy infantries: They retain their excellent stats, but cost more in manpower and "Money Increase cost" is now 35%, not 25% as others prov. units.
- Brythonic infantry has the besieger effect
- Removed Phalanx from CAR
- Roman Fort and Limes can be disassembled
- Slave Market decision given more often (+50% frequency)
- Carthage initial treasury increased (1500>2500), friendlier neighbors.
- Mauretania hold on most regions removed
- North African nations don’t get cameliers until Imperial Level.
- Removed ahistorical phalanx to some nations.
- Rome objectives slightly more spread out (and far reaching)
- Cavalry balancing:
- Heavy Cavalry and Cataphracts now place themselves between HI and MI and gain +1 hit point
- War chariots get +1 hit point
- Companions get +1 effec
- Castrum Equitatum works for Med Cav too

- Remappable hotkeys for common panels (K diplomacy | Nation panel | Ledger | Build structure | Unit recruitment | Trade panel)
- Added diplomacy button to UnitPanel, can contact a nation without territory.
- New context and gameplay texts for Rome and Epirus in Pyrrhus scenario
- Move camera to an army location when selecting a faction with no regions in diplomacy panel.
- Show recruitment spending as spent rather than part of the delta on faction bar and military recruitment tab.
- Army display options: Unit Count, Combat Power (as before), Categorized
- Fix to missing title in the 'one of the Civil War Warning' for Rome
- Upgrade buildings show as slot usage zero
- Fixed ambiguous or misleading UI behavior when ordering intercepts.
- Leave Trade Info open when switching Region Panel tabs
- In structure info and construction, moved description to the right; modifiers, unlocks, and misc stats to the left.
- Show Ally Battle option (default off).
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Field of Glory II

Changelog for Update 1.5.18 (added 28 August 2019):

Field of Glory: Empires:
- Added option (in More Options in Settings in FOG2) to use FOG2 Difficulty settings for Empires battles. This is off by default. If it is turned on, Empires battles will use FOG2 difficulty settings. This means that the conversion ratio for the enemy units will be adjusted according to the same scale as used in FOG2 Campaigns – so they will get more FOG2 units on higher difficulty levels. In addition, on Deity level unit quality is adjusted slightly in favour of the enemy, and on Centurion level unit quality is adjusted slightly in favour of the player. If the default setting is selected, no FOG2 difficulty adjustments will apply.
- Added option (in More Options in Settings in FOG2) to adjust the size of Empires battles between 50% and 150% of the default conversion ratio.

Sandbox Campaigns:
- There is now a toggleable button in the Sandbox Campaign set up screen that allows you to define the focus of the campaign:
- Default: Campaign may involve other enemies as well as the main protagonists and their local allies.
- Focused: Campaign may involve historical allies local to both main protagonists, but not attacks by other enemies.
- Duel: Campaign will only involve the main protagonists. (Although the player may get the option to seek troop contingents from his local allies)
- Campaign allies are now matched against the enemy army list (and enemy allies’ army list) by date as well as geography if the Date filter is on. This eliminates a few anachronistic alliances that could sometimes occur with the previous version.

- Improved consistency of how a unit being Fragmented affects different forms of movement.

Army Lists:
- Anglo-Danish army list side name changed to Anglo-Danish (instead of Anglo-Saxon).
- Later Breton list divided into 580-931 and 936-1049 lists. After the destruction of the Breton Kingdom by the Vikings circa 931 AD, the newly formed Duchy of Brittany assimilated to the Norman military system.
- Rejigged Polish 966-1057 AD list. Added unarmoured cavalry units, pre-dismounted armoured and unarmoured cavalry units, and replaced slingers with javelinmen.

- Byzantine 963-987 AD allies added to Arab (North Africa) 789-999 AD list.
- Arab (North Africa) 789-999 AD allies added to Byzantine 963-987 AD list.
- Viking (Ireland) 900-1049 AD allies added to Scots 851-1051 AD list.
- Scots 851-1051 AD allies added to Viking (Ireland) 900-1049 list.

- Improved AI for AI reserve cavalry.

- Correction: Pike units cease to be rated as Shock troops once the entire back rank of models has been lost. This means that they once they have suffered 25% losses, they no longer follow up enemy that fall back from them.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed various minor army list date range issues.
- Tweaked height of dismounted armoured Muslim lancers slightly.
- Fixed bug that could sometimes cause Threatened Flank CT modifier not to be applied for CT tests following automatically resolved melees.
- Fixed issue of allies not showing correctly in MP Lobby for battles using user created custom battle modules, such as TT Mod and Silk Road.
- Fixed bug that could show a string from the Epic Battle module in the tooltip for the No Allies line in the allies list box.
- After an Empires battle, the GOG version of FOG: Empires should now open automatically if it was the last version of Empires used.

Standalone installer, and that of all its DLC, updated (1.5.12a ⇒ 1.5.18): 29 August 2019.
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Field of Glory: Empires

Changelog for Update 1.0.4 (added 26 September 2019):

Very important
- Military Buildings overhaul (see below dedicated paragraph)
- Cavalry overhaul: in some terrains part of the battlefield is for cavalry only
- An army with a leader can attack with a 'Retaliate Expedition' order that will make them not conquer the region (and still fight the enemy)

- Abandoning a region now costs legacy, no aging (tied to population amount)
- Administrative Burden increased for developed nations (approx +10% to +30% increase depending of context). See also new manpower and metal cap from the Military Buildings overhaul.
- Sudden Death Victory (winning instantly by having the proper legacy ratio) needs now 100 turns before being evaluated, not 50. New quick game option!
- Objectives can be given dynamically too
- Regions have 4 steps in culture generating Legacy
- Distance to center split in 4 categories for better deployment in battles (e.g. HI in wood is not dead center, mountainmen are more central in mountains, etc.)
- Regions with a small initial population will have hard time grows past a certain level.
- Conversion rate reduced by one fifth
- Foreign citizens generate one third less manpower
- Free Unit Upkeep is now limited to 20 money, 5 metal and 5 manpower per unit
- Inflation cost in money is now factored partially in upkeep

- Archers get a specific deployment priority in battles (after militia if the front must be filled, but before if in the rear)
- Fix to moving capitals
- Minimum garrison defending an independent region down from 6 to 3
- A client-state will stop ongoing wars not also involving his protector
- If in money deficit, only half of it removed per turn, with a minimum 100 money of debts removed
- Fix to a loyalty bug for national citizens - slightly easier now
- If you have too many of the +5% global commerce structures, you risk losing money
- Fix to regional harbor used for transportation not always the best one
- Mercenary decision won't pick slaves as a valid mercenary army
- Absorbing a nation provides no legacy from it.
- Health cap (of 65%) not applied to events tests (Pop boom, plagues and epidemics)
- If possible, a new unit will appear within a city wall, not outside
- Armies that can't retreat are always destroyed
- A besieged region can still build a structure (with penalty). Prevent unwanted reset of important buildings under construction.
- Famine in regions thrice as hard as before (regarding population loss)
- Rulers in decadent nations degrade their health faster (from 'unhealthy life style')
- Tyranny modifier bug fixed
- Slave decimation further upped in case of revolts (1 per 3 units raised)
- Fix to abandon region not working if another nation had an army
- New option (MP compliant): Quick game. Win with a 2 to 1 ratio in Legacy (not 3 to 1)
- Slaves will never be put in commerce or culture (governor AI)

Military buildings overhaul
- Military Expertise modifier appears if you have not enough or a lot of military buildings in your nation (comparison is made using sum of buildings tiers versus regions amount)
- Max Metal and Manpower have a cap partly based on Military Expertise
- In a province, each military building providing XP will give half its amount to capital region, within a limit of 25 XP and 2 extra levels.
- Rebate in building cost also given (at a 50%) from buildings in all regions of a province.
- Autogarrisons get bonus XP from the sum of military buildings tiers, either in their region or the full province (Stronger garrisons with proper structures).

- AI has much more chances to propose peace if without any region
- AI is slightly more interested in building high tier structures
- Rome as AI in higher diff gets some free legion camps
- In higher difficulty, AI more prone to war against legacy leader
- More sensible DOW evaluation for AI – also now factors relative economic advantage
- AI will build more ships
- AI will never build ships in lakes
- AI fleets will intercept more
- AI fleets will escort more
- AI boarded units will be much more prudent
- AI will have Increased interest to unblockade harbor
- Province AI builds more structures
- Structure valuation refined (more high tier buildings, handle better specifics functions)
- AI Ally can give back previously owned region
- AI vassal can be fully absorbed if having a last surrounded region
- AI can reply or propose peace even without region

- Lalandia and Seladia regions names reversed
- Judea Barrack can recruit HI
- Provincial units from Gaetulia, Mauritania (occ. and or.) and Numidia are now Light Cav with extra perks
- Farm and flax field slightly changprovince.ia objectives spaced more (too bunched, leading to easy progress)
- Light infantry from various ethnicities get the Agile modifier (+1 attack in wood or hill)
- Heavy Infantries cost +1 metal in upkeep
- Added naval interdiction link in Mesembria
- Druid Covenants tweaked (weaker standard version, stronger specialized version)
- Imperial Roman Legion decision won't be given before being an Empire
- Owning the Archimedes Workshop provides (permanently) a new type of unit (which acquires a new ability at elite level)
- Balkanic Mercenary Infantry is now the Dacian Falxman (hit harder but not protected against ranged fire)
- Hierasia provincial unit is now the 'Bastarnae Warrior' and is a Dacian Falxman (dmg+ prot-) with Mountainman.
- Tisiae provincial unit is now the 'Iazygian Lancer', a cataphract with extra speed and flanking.
- Dacia inferior provincial unit is now the 'Rhoxolani Cavalry', no change in stats (extra attack and effectiveness compared to regular Hvy Cav)
- Sparta starts with Hoplite Infantry and get access to Phalanx Infantry in Civilization Level III (Kleomenes III reform)
- These two units gain the Besieger trait. Phalanx loses extra hit though.
- Silver Shields are closer in profile to the Hellene Phalanx but better.
- Roman Archers (Sagittarii) are now added with the Imperial Legion reform
- Fixed: Tar Deposit could never be built (added to Tanis initially)
- Large quarry bonus resources now give an extra 2 money each
- Military Store upkeep down to 2
- Granary does not require a farm anymore, but will be proposed rarely except if you have grain nearby
- Tarentum (Greater Greece) now have a land army

- Right hand modifications precision level is an option (5 possible choices)
- Correct tooltip feedback when can't build an unit in a province
- Close nation panel and select region when selecting an objective.
- Show count of stacked modifiers on nation panel.
- Next and Prev Idle Region buttons.
- Attempt to more clearly show that structure bonus income is included in the income
- More detailed provincial loyalty tooltip. More attention to revolt risk.
- Added Trade Income and Accumen to Ledger.
- Changed faction trade income to be net.
- Added anti-aliasing option to options UI

- Various engine speed up
- Experimental extended font support.
- Several Multiplayers fixes
- Display a different message when potentially responsible for a PBEM data mismatch, and give an opportunity to exit and fix the issue without playing a turn.
- Fixed error playing a custom scenario in PBEM

Saved game compatibility
This patch is mostly compatible with ongoing games, with a few things to know and understand:
(1) Because objectives can now be given dynamically, they will be all reset when you start your turn (without token losses!). They will then be added progressively each turn, often with variations compared to your previous allocation.
(2) Because there is now a new rule slowing down regions which were underpopulated historically, you might see a large slowdown in growth in your most populated regions.
(3) The option ‘no dynamic burden’, which was never used (from our internal poll) has been replaced by the ‘quick game’ option. If you were playing with ‘no admin burden’, then you are now playing a quick game. But chances you were not…

Standalone installer updated (1.0.3 ⇒ 1.0.4): 27 September 2019.
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Field of Glory: Empires

Changelog for Update 1.0.5 (added 10 October 2019):

GAMEPLAY (improvements and fixes)
- Fix to population growth penalty occurring in all regions
- City garrisons revised and improved in diversity
- Fix to resource cap being applied before upkeep
- In balanced difficulty, players don't pay extra upkeep from veteran units or rare units (with Money Increase Cost)
- Max stockpiling of metal increased by 50%

- AI Dogpiling against player reduced a lot in balanced difficulty (easier game)

- Dynamic route coloring option (see the Options Window to activate it)
- Supply overlay: Seas adjacent to a friendly coast show in blue
- Fixed legacy from regional culture being overreported in UI for AIs
- Show top legacy producing buildings in wonders tooltip on legacy panel
- Added sort by Human Players to Faction, CDR, and Legacy ledger pages

- Elephants can now be recruited more easily (in particular by PTO)
- Roman Fort can now only be built by Roman
- Rome Civil War: less chance and longer delay between two in balanced difficulty
- Rome early legion & Alae quality slightly lowered when exported to FOG II

Various adjustments
- Rome: Tiberus: +1 Random Commerce Building Campania: +1 Random Culture Building
- Campania (Rome): + Market
- Initial equipment stockpile: 80>105
- Sparta: +Harbour + Flax Field +1 Citizen - Laconia has now an iron resource
- Syracusae: + Crafter District
- Saguntum: + Random Commerce Structure
- Armenia: +Market
- Byzantion: +Crafter District
- Carthage: +2 Citizens, + Random Commerce Structure
- Oea (Leptis Magna): +1 Citizen
- Septa: +2 Desertic Slaves
- Epirus: +3 Populations, +2 Random buildings, +Farm (in mountains), +Harbour
- Nestus (Lysimachos): +2 Hellenic Citizens, +1 Balkanic Citizen, Walls
- Orcadia (Celtic Indep.): +Cult Site
- Dacia: +1 Citizen, +1 Slave
- Dacia & Getea can now recruit Balkanic skirmishers
- (Reminder: Dacia can still recruit slingers, but you need to conquer Agrianes)
- Dacia starts with 4 Balkanic skirmishers and no Thracian slingers
- Getae starts with 4 medium infantries and 4 skirmishers
- Byzantion can recruit Thracian slingers
- (Reminder: Macedonia can recruit them at CL 3)
- Seleucids: Babylonia: Paved Road Carmania: Oil Mill Uxia: Marble Mattianus: Road
- Antigonos: Osroena: +Potter's Workshop - Market + 1 Random Commerce Building

Standalone installer updated (1.0.4 ⇒ 1.0.5): 11 October 2019.
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Field of Glory II

Changelog for Update 1.5.21 (added 04 November 2019):

- Improved AI for the cavalry wings of cavalry armies.

- Non-cataphract cavalry will now break off from infantry unless they will have a significant advantage in the ensuing melee. (Previously they would stay in combat if they had a very slight advantage, which tended to lead to an attritional combat that they were unlikely to win in the end). Break off logic for cataphracts has been left unchanged because they often have a better chance of winning the melee than the impact, so staying in combat if they have some advantage is often the better option.
- Heavy Infantry that are of “Below Average” (or “Somewhat Disheartened”) or worse quality (quality <= 90) no longer get the +1 CT modifier for Heavy Foot.

- Information text will now automatically scroll to the top when you click on a different Army List, Campaign or Epic Battles module.

- Change: Close Order Warbands and troops of “Below Average” (or “Somewhat Disheartened”) or worse quality are excluded from the +1 Cohesion Test modifier for being Heavy Foot.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug that could sometimes cause music to play (despite music volume being on zero) on reloading a game saved in force selection or deployment mode.
- Fixed bug that corrupted campaign unit database if player rolled back to previous stage of campaign instead of playing one of the choices in a pursue/don't pursue decision.
- Fixed bug that could sometimes cause the game to crash if a new sandbox campaign was started after playing (or loading) another one in the same session.

Standalone installer, as well as those of all its DLC, updated: 1.5.18 ⇒ 1.5.21.
high rated
Field of Glory II

Changelog for Update 1.5.23 (added 27 November 2019):

- Heavy Weapon: Now cancels only the first 50 POA of enemy armour advantage. As previously, units with less than 100% HW remove only the equivalent proportion of the enemy armour advantage, but this is now explicitly stated in the detailed unit information panel (CTRL-LEFT click).
- (The effect of the above is that 100% HW units will still cancel all armour advantage vs Armoured or less well protected units, but more heavily armoured enemy will retain some armour advantage if the HW troops are significantly less well armoured.)
- Heavy Weapon: Armoured or better protected troops with Heavy Weapon get an extra +10 POA in melee vs all troops except elephants.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a rare bug that could occasionally allow shooting LOS through a unit.
- Fixed issue that could cause systems with Radeon 5700 graphics cards to show hill slopes as water.

Standalone installer, and those of all its DLC, updated (1.5.21 ⇒ 1.5.23): 28 November 2019.
high rated
Field of Glory: Empires

Changelog for Update 1.0.6 (added 04 December 2019):

- Kolchis setup revised, with 8 Missions to perform.
- Armenia gets 3 missions, 3 new custom buildings and an extra unit.
- Government Aging and Progress UI (access it by clicking on the government button, nation panel)

GAMEPLAY and SETUP (improvements and fixes)
- Smarter dynamic objectives
- Fixed issues with Builder Guild and late wonders
- Added exclusivity to well and irrigation canal
- Fix to tools factory
- Fixed hospital chain of buildings
- Fixed Babel Tower modifier not properly given
- Capital region food need for growth increased
- Brigantes now have Tin resource, not lead.
- Caucasian ethnicities don't have access to phalanxes
- Tweaked pop growth formula - harder to get really big population
- Fixed issue with Hunting Grounds & Master Hunter
- Military buildings have greater importance in max metal and manpower stockpiles
- Deficit spending and modifiers – the bigger the deficit you run, the higher the penalties!
- Fixed Sagittarii not provided to Rome in some cases
- Improved how the game determines who is defending (outside of assaults)

- AI will have less animosity against the legacy leader.
- Slightly less AI ship building
- AI doesn't snatch a siege from player

- Government Aging and Progress UI
- New reports tab for ongoing mission(s)
- next region shortcut: ENTER, next idle region shortcut: SPACE
- Changed colors of a few provinces
- Make T hotkey behave exactly like the trade tab button
- Show leader portrait with red skull overlay at end of battle if they died.
- Update ledger when cancelling construction
- Fix stockpiles not initially showing current expenses in recruitment

- Various engine optimizations and speed up
- Display error when failing to save game

Standalone installer updated (1.0.5 ⇒ 1.0.6): 05 December 2019.
high rated
Field of Glory: Empires

Changelog for Update (24 February 2020):

Balance and tweak to diplomacy
- Declaring a client state does not prevent getting regions from them
- Allies loiter less in your home territory
- Can't get ships from the 'Give Special Units' diplomacy clause
- Validating a transaction returns you directly to the intro Diplomacy panel
- One-sided transactions will either increase (gift) or decrease (extortion) relationships
- AI will propose many less transactions
- AI Allies capturing a region formerly owned by another nation (legitimate owner in advanced diplomacy) will give it back immediately
- Can enter regions of a nation with whom you have a peace treaty (allows evacuating your army when stranded) – Human player only.
- If all your capitals are besieged (or lost), severe penalty during peace treaty
- You can now demand regions owned by the vassals of your enemy
- Having hold of an enemy region when making a peace deal makes the region cheaper
- AI Vassals don't give back regions to human overlord anymore
- AI more reluctant to be absorbed or client-state if the other nation is not bigger
- AI will value more money, metal or manpower if it lacks some, and value less if it has enough
- AI less interested in trading units if not enough money
- Small factions will be much less prone to send transactions (less spamming)
- Explicitly name winner and loser factions in clause tooltips
- Region Clause: Lowered significantly cost if at war
- Give Units Clause: Can only be done if neighbor (sea-neighbor ok)
- War control gives less penalty
- War exhaustion triggers more rapidly (emphasis on wanting to make peace faster)
- AI will want to make peace faster as War Exhaustion accrues
- AI will not propose a cooperation during a bargain if already allied
- AI will only demand or accept the Relinquish objective clause if neighbor
- Validating a transaction returns you directly to the intro Diplomacy panel
- Additional texts for Diplomacy (FRE SPA GER)

Other changes
- Added the Sacred Estate building, an improvement to the worship place with a special effect (GC310 has some in Egypt, Armenia, Media)
- Objectives show the turn they were given in nation panel
- Sinope harbor position nudged east
- Gaining a slave in battle might mean losing a population in the region
- Updated quotes and hints, courtesy of Neilbala the Brythonic King
- Fix to Armenia having too many levied units
- Dynamic objectives can be given according to more criteria
- Food stockpile never goes below zero
- Periplus not given if you own the region
- Too big World Factions groups lose 10% of their units per turn (depending of AI level)
- Fixed overcrowding tooltip which was erroneously mentioning region terrain and not city terrain.
- Rex Custodiae can now be built from a Palace building (if CL 3)
- Nomad herd don't have cattle as a bonus anymore
- Fix to a typo in Ptolemaic Egypt gameplay text
- Units: war elephants now provide 2 support values
- An old objective won't be phased out if you own a region adjacent to it
- Fix to Stoa bug
- Added translation for French, Spanish and German.
- Mercenary decision has a 500-money prerequisite
- Kolchis / Armenia missions fixed and tweaked
- Debts modifiers added after gain back factored in
- Updated Empires DB archive

Compatibility notes:
- 1.06 to 1.1.0 100% compatible. Previous versions It is advised to restart a game

Standalone installer updated (1.0.6 ⇒ 25 February 2020.
high rated
Field of Glory II

Changelog for Update 1.5.25 (20 February 2020):

- If a unit is affected by more than one enemy ZOC, movement options will be now be restricted by all of these, rather than by only one of them as previously.
- Units that evade (from a pursuit charge) in their own turn (before the End Turn button is hit) can now evade again if charged in the enemy turn. Note that this does not apply to evades from pursuit charges that occur in the automated phase after the End Turn button is hit, as that counts as part of the ensuing turn. In the latter case, the unit cannot evade again if charged in the enemy turn.

- Our grateful thanks go to Paul Adaway, author of TT Mod, for permission to use units from TT mod in the main game, and Stephen Hales of Little Big Men Studios for permission to use his shield pattern designs in TT Mod units.
- Additional Ancient Spanish units from TT Mod added: Noble Cavalry, Light Horse, Celtiberian Warband, Caetrati, Lusitanian Heavy Caetrati.
- Additional Light Javelin Horse units from TT Mod added: Early Greek, Later Greek (Tarantine), Iranian, Late Roman, Early Thracian, Later Thracian, Lydian.

Army Lists:
- Ancient Spanish list divided into Iberian, Celtiberian and Lusitanian lists, using new units from TT Mod. Sertorian list also updated.
- TT Mod Light Javelin Horse models (see above) replace the previous models in the appropriate army lists.
- Pyrrhic list divided into 280-275 and 274-272 BC lists. Pyrrhic campaign adjusted accordingly.
- Added Greek allies to Antigonid list.

Epic Battles:
- Epic Battle scenarios have been updated to use the new units where appropriate.

- Close Combat Reports will now always open scrolled to the top.
- Cohesion Test reports (in Close Combat Report and Combat Log) now specify if the reason that a unit “Holds Firm” is that it already dropped cohesion from close combat this turn, and has not scored low enough for a further drop.
- Detailed Unit Information popups (CTRL-L click) will now always scroll to the top when a new unit is selected.
- Rout % will now update immediately when a previously unbroken unit is Dispersed.

- Section 12.1.1. Change: “if a unit is in the ZOC of multiple enemy units, the game will decide which one it must move away from – prioritizing primary ZOCers” to “If a unit is in the ZOC of multiple enemy units, its movement is restricted by all of these.”

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug that could sometimes cause a surrounded AI unit to get a free turn.

Standalone installer, and those of all its DLC, updated (1.5.23 ⇒ 1.5.25): 28 February 2020.
high rated
Field of Glory II

Changelog for Update 1.5.28 (21 April 2020):

- The low quality of “rear echelon” armies has been toned down considerably – i.e. the proportion of cheap or low quality units will be lower than previously.

- Our grateful thanks go to Paul Adaway, author of TT Mod, for permission to use units from TT mod in the main game, and Stephen Hales of Little Big Men Studios for permission to use his shield pattern designs in TT Mod units.
- Added 4 new Lydian units from TT mod: Lydian Cavalry, Lydian Light Chariots, Lydian Irregular Foot, Lydian Light Javelinmen.
- Added 14 new pike phalanx units from TT Mod for Diadochi etc: Antigonos, Lysimachos, Pyrrhos, Ptolemaic Egypt, Antigonid Macedon, Hellenistic Greece, Sparta, GraecoBactrian/IndoGreek. (Philip, Alexander and the Seleucids use the existing vanilla Argyraspids and Chalcaspids).
- Also added from TT Mod: Nubian Archers.
- Anglo-Saxon hirdsmen are now rated as “Some Armour” for protection (and unit cost). The majority of men are still unarmoured, so the models are unchanged.

Army Lists:
- Light Chariots and other new models added to Lydian lists.
- New pike units added to the appropriate army lists.
- Added new Spartan 280-228 BC, 227-222 BC and 221-146 BC lists.
- Kushite Egyptians will use the new Nubian Archers model.
- Epic Battles:
- Epic Battle scenarios have been updated to use the new units where appropriate. (Thymbra, Raphia)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug that applied “Fighting Heavy Chariots” cohesion test modifier incorrectly.
- Spartan veteran hoplites will now use the correct Lambda shield when side A is Spartan and side B is Roman.
- Fixed issue whereby Fragmented unit whose pursuit is blocked by friends could end up with more AP than it should.

Standalone installer, and those of all its DLC, updated (1.5.25 ⇒ 1.5.28): 22 April 2020.
high rated
Field of Glory II

Changelog for Update 1.5.30 (16 June 2020 / added 30 June 2020):

- Non-light troops will no longer turn to face light troops in close combat if the enemy would then be able to flank/rear charge them with a non-light unit on his next turn.

- Our grateful thanks go to Paul Adaway, author of TT Mod, for permission to use units from TT mod in the main game, and Stephen Hales of Little Big Men Studios for permission to use his shield pattern designs in TT Mod units.
- Added Euzonoi from TT Mod: Light Foot, Protected, Javelins, Light Spear, 50% Swordsmen. 33 points.
- Added 3 early German warbands, 2 Dacian warbands and 1 later German warband from TT Mod.
- Added new eastern-style Armoured Noble Lancers and Noble Lancers from TT Mod.
- Added Germanic-style TT Mod textures to existing Armoured Noble Lancers and Noble Lancers.
- Greek and Thracian peltasts and Velites become Light Foot, Lightly Protected, Javelins, Light Spear, 50% Swordsmen. Point cost remains 30.
- Sub-Roman Foot units increased to 720 men (12 models) and cost to 41 points.

Army Lists:
- Greek Peltasts replaced by Euzonoi in Greek and Spartan lists from 280 BC.
- Replaced existing warbands with early German Warbands in German Foot Tribes 105 BC - 259 AD list.
- Replaced existing warbands with Dacian Warbands in Dacian lists 50 BC - 380 AD.
- Replaced existing average warbands with later Germanic Warbands in Germanic Foot Tribes 260-599 AD, Germanic Horse Tribes 260-492 AD, Hunnic (Western) and (Sabir) lists 250-558 AD, Roman lists 379-492 AD, Romano-British 407-599 AD, Kingdom of Soissons 461-486 AD, Visigothic 419-621 AD, Frankish lists 260-499 AD, Gepid 493-567 AD , Lombard lists 493-569 AD, Anglo-Saxon 449-599 AD.
- Replaced Armoured Noble Lancers and Noble Lancers with eastern-style version in appropriate lists.
- Unit numbers adjusted in Romano-British 407-599 list. Roman allies removed – their existence was highly speculative, and unbalancing in tournament games.
- Kingdom of Soissons list changed to use Sub-Roman Foot instead of Limitanei.
- Added thureophoroi to Pyrrhic 274-272 list.

Epic Battles:
- The following Epic Battle scenarios have been updated to use the new units: Adamclisi, Argentoratum, Adrianople, Frigidus, Chalons, Nedao, Volturnus, Raith.

- Deprecated tiles removed from the tiles lists in the Editor.

- The new version of the engine changes the way in which scripts are loaded, in order to improve the reliability of mods using the modded version of the script at all times and not sometimes using the vanilla script if a copy of $DEFAULT.BSF is not included in the mod.
- By request, here is a list of scripts and other major files changed since v1.5.28: system.txt, Squads.csv, Squads.xlsx, MultiBattleCampaign.BSF, AITools.BSF, CombatTools.BSF, MoreCampaignTools.BSF, MultiPartSkirmishTools.BSF, LiaisonTools.BSF

Standalone installer, and those of all its DLC, updated (1.5.28 ⇒ 1.5.30): 30 June 2020.
high rated
Field of Glory II

Changelog for Update 1.5.32 (18 August 2020):

Hotseat Mode
- It is now possible to switch back and forth between Hotseat mode and AI mode during the course of a battle. You can turn Hotseat mode On and Off in the Settings menu. The change takes effect on the next enemy turn - not including their first (Deployment) turn.
- This allows you to start a Custom Battle in Hotseat mode, do Force Selection and Deployment for the enemy side, then switch to AI mode to fight out the battle. To do this, you need to set Hotseat mode On in the Settings menu before starting the battle, and then switch it Off again at any time before the enemy second turn.
- To allow the above to work correctly, the enemy side (like the player) does not get a move on its first turn when the game is started in Hotseat mode.

Empires Battles:
- Maximum battle size before scaling is now affected by the Conversion Ratio setting. i.e. If you set the Conversion Ratio to 150% of default, the battle will not scale unless the larger side has more than 36 Empires units, and the scaling will be based on that figure and not the default figure of 24.

- Our grateful thanks go to Paul Adaway, author of TT Mod, for permission to use units from TT mod in the main game, and Stephen Hales of Little Big Men Studios for permission to use his shield pattern designs in TT Mod units.
- Added 5 new Irregular Foot units from TT Mod. (Iranian-style, Non-Iranian Middle-Eastern style, Skythian, Ligurian and Nubian.)
- Added Takabara textures from TT mod.
- Added Early Cataphracts from TT Mod.
- Added 4 new Late Roman cavalry units from TT Mod: Clibanarii, Cavalry, Veteran Cavalry, Equites sagittarii.
- Animations have been revised for crossbowmen and axemen. Note that because of a change to scaling, crossbowmen in games saved with a previous game version will show as huge. This won’t affect gameplay.

Army Lists:
- Numerous army lists have been updated to use the new units.

Epic Battles:
- The following Epic Battle scenarios have been updated to use the new units: Thymbra, Chaironeia (86 BC), Tigranocerta, Adrianople, Argentoratum, Chalons, Frigidus, Maranga.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed issue that could cause late arriving troops (e.g. flank marchers) to be treated as part of the same group move command as some inappropriate on-table troops.

- Correction - Section 15.2: “Moreover, a unit cannot drop cohesion twice in the same turn from shooting, nor from close combat. (But can drop once for each, and in some circumstances can double drop from close combat). Note that melees that were not resolved before hitting End Turn are resolved automatically and count as part of the preceding turn for the above purpose. Also, a unit that is Fragmented may break (without waiting to be contacted) if charged by another unit, even if it became Fragmented as a result of a previous impact close combat this turn.” (The previous statement that cohesion could drop from each of shooting, impact and melee in a turn was incorrect.)

Standalone installer, and those of all its DLC, updated (1.5.30 ⇒ 1.5.32): 19 August 2020.
high rated
Field of Glory: Empires

Changelog for Update (09 September 2020):

- Amphora Fabrica fixed
- Forced march decision fixed
- Administrative Burden was always greater than expected, because it also factored in the income of the new turn
- Fix to a message about slave dispatching
- Fix to a minor bug cancelled interception
- Fixed a few typos

Quality of Life and UI improvements
- Loading game is three times faster than before. Can now load really late-stage games much more easily.
- Clicking on a trade good in the trade panel will show it specifically on the map.
- Unit Maintenance cost shown in detailed tooltip
- RGD button bounces until player clicks on it once or plays a decision.
- Conversion chance is shown in the ethnicity tooltip (if absent, then the ethnicity is made only of slaves)
- Added more shortcuts: overlays now mapped to 1 to 7 then SHIFT 1 to SHIFT 7. Can switch between region and province with CTRL-SPACE
- 100% healthy units will have a bright green triangle on the Unit Panel, different to other healthy units (66-99%)
- Added a message when a new herd is given to nomads’ nations
- Provincial capital shown in the region panel.
- Fix in overlay ♥♥♥♥♥ building slots' where idle regions not part of a province would never show

Various rules change or improvements
- Distance is now a factor when checking who trades with who
- If you have two identical main capital/palace buildings, then one will be removed, even if you are within the limit of the number of capital regions.
- The last possible mission will still deprecate now, removing the oddity of seeing a negative turn number.
- Ships can't be deployed on land
- Ships are now ignored in case of land battles but don't prevent exporting to FOG II
- Population boom event restricted to regions with 75+ loyalty
- Increase in combat stat from decision 'motivate troops' factored if exported to FOG II
- Modifier added to a region will reset the current timer if the modifier was already present (previously the new one would be ignored)
- In transactions, AI will value a region which is one of its objectives more highly
- Persian usurpers in the DLC campaign won't have access to Immortals anymore
- Persia staging tweaked.

Setup and data changes
- Immortals have money Inc +50% but are not national unique anymore
- Units exported in FOG II now get +5% quality and +5% cost if they have an equipment (armorsmith etc.)
- Kartli fortress bonuses (special unique fortress for Kolchis) were wrong
- No more Celts as provincial units in Galatia when playing Campaign 550 BCE
- Epiteichismata can be disassembled
- Carthaginian Sacred Band fight centered in all terrains
- Elephants deployment revised in bad terrain
- Fix to elephants recruitable in Epirus region
- Hellenes friction: Penalties toned down depending of number of owned regions for Athens and Sparta
- DLC: Egypt now has Egyptian names for generals

- Compatibility with games in 1.30+ version: Full
- Before this point, most of the features would work, but we don’t recommend continuing multiplayer games.

Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated ( ⇒ 10 September 2020.