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Installed the game and also the latest patch. But when I want to launch the game, I get a message if I want to allow the application to access my system blablabla as if it wants to install or alter something. I say yes, whatever, click.

Then I get an error message I must install the v.4.0.30319 of .NET Framework first and should ask the publisher of this application (the game) where I can get it from.

But first, I'd like to know what that even is and why the game can't simply run on a completely normal Windows 7 like any other game does.

If anyone would be so kind as to help me with this, I'd be very glad, thank you!
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FGogS: ...
.NET Framework is a software platform developed by Microsoft (kinda like their answer to Java). You can download the installer from their webpage:

FEZ is far from being the only software that uses .NET Framework, so there's no harm in installing it. There might be some compatibility issues when different programs require different versions of the framework (I seem to remember some people running into this with the GOG Downloader at some point), but otherwise it shouldn't cause any problems. FEZ itself runs fine for me on Win7 x64.
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Thank you very much, this helped a lot. Never needed this before.

Now I wish I had chosen a somewhat more specific topic name, but whatever. Game's great so far!