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Hey everyone,

I have a conceptional question about fez' code systems. When playing I noticed the obvious marks for mysteries on the map but only uncovered some by coincidence. I kinda got the feeling that the maps I find are connected to this but their doesn't seem to exist a way to really look at them. Or is there?
When checking some let's plays on YouTube I saw some solutions for different code systems and found several manuals how to decode them. My problem is I can't even find the codes to begin with. Is there any particular point in the game when the player gets an official hint on the codes and where to look for them? Did I miss it?
There are no outright hints for where to obtain the codes for each particular puzzle. In a way, it actually works the other way around: you're supposed to write down anything that looks like it might be a code (along with the accompanying drawings, if there are any) and keep an eye out for places which show similar symbols or structures, where it can potentially be used. While most codes - such as the tetromino codes and the tuning fork codes - are meant to be used immediately, some can be keys for puzzles located on different levels, so you need to memorize them and explore thoroughly. It's kinda like The Neverhood.

Time of day matters, some secrets are only available at night.

The maps can be closely examined in the inventory (TAB, A-D to rotate, arrows to select, Space to view, A-D to rotate item - or the equivalent controller buttons). Sometimes it's essential to look at both sides. Again, look for similar symbols or a level design that matches something on the map.

[Spoiler] Also keep in mind that some puzzles can't be properly solved until you finish the game with 32 cubes and use the New Game+ option, so you can't get rid of all question marks on the first playthrough unless you look up the solutions outside the game.
I found the maps by now, was kinda obvious for a game that core mechanic is routating the world.

But my initial question regarded not the exact whereabout of the mysteries and their solution. I just wanted to now if the game did at some point explain to me that there are codes in the first place.
I feel like I missed this part.
General hints at how the code puzzles work do exist in-game (e.g. the tetromino code is hinted at in the city classroom IIRC); however, they aren't explicitly marked as "code tutorials", nor are they pointed out to you in advance - which I believe is a deliberate design choice.

The idea of the game is that you're controlling a character who is getting used to his newfound ability to see the third dimension. Such a character would explore this ability out of curiosity, examining previously unseen places that almost nobody else saw before. Giving specific hints at specific points would completely mess up the "exploration", putting it on rails, when it's actually supposed to rely on complete freedom. Therefore you don't get the hints dumped onto you automatically, but are meant to stumble upon them during your travels and recognize them as code solutions on your own.

Also, the "core mechanic" itself is often the key to puzzles that don't have external hints - the tuning forks being an example. The various L/R clues are indeed something that you must figure out on your own, but that, again, is part of exploration of the new ability ("Hmm, what do these mean, and what happens if I turn like this--wow, an anti-cube!").
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Yeah, I get the premise of the game ;)

Just tried to fill the gap caused by my pause

And found already some instructions towards the riddles. I still have problems with the number system but I am getting there.

Thx for the help