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Hi guys, so I wanted to relive the FEAR experience with my newly built PC (my first!). Problem now is I'm not getting any sound during the cut scenes nor during gameplay. Just during the beginning where they're showing nVidia and all that.

This is my machine's specs.

ASRock Z97 PRO4 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
MSI Radeon R9 280 3GB TWIN FROZR Video Card
Windows 7 Professional N

I'm just using the Realtek audio that came with the mobo. I even updated the driver for Realtek. I didn't update the BIOS though because I'm not confident in updating the BIOS without messing anything. Video card has the latest driver as well.

I tried downloading indirectsound and extracted the files into the game folder but to no avail. I even copied the indirectsound files into the FEARXP and FEARXP2 folders. I'm not using any speaker, just earphones. Then I downloaded windows 7 codec packs from cnet because this Windows doesn't have WMP. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times and still no sound.

I Googled for solutions but the some of the ones I found were for Windows 2000 or something and I couldn't find an equivalent for Windows 7. I tried messing with the config.exe, but again, no sound. I even tried running the fear.exe in compatibility mode for Windows XP and still no sound.

I haven't tried the imaadp32.acm4.3 file thing that I've found on the internet. May try that. But do any of you have any advice?

So I've tried replacing the imaadp32.acm but it says I need permission or something. But I do have the file.

And I can't find WMFadist in the FEAR folder. :(

*Second edit*
So I tried playing but I'm not getting out of the car after the trash bin in the first level? I keep getting out of the car behind the trash bin and I can't go on top of the car. I went the opposite way and walked around a bit but I keep falling into this invisible hole and die. Maaannnn
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Have you tried checking/unchecking "disable sound filters" in the config program? Every FEAR game have a config program for itself.
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@Ghostbreed Yeah I tried that. Checking those boxes, saved, and played. Then unchecked, saved, and played. Still no sound. I even checked and unchecked and saved without starting the game. Still doesn't work.
So I managed to fix it. I think the problem was because I installed this game on an external hard drive. When I installed it on my internal hard drive, everything works.
Glad it got sorted out
I have exactly the same issue as you, no sound and the weird spawning at the start of the game, but the game is installed on my internal harddrive..