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On the store page, it says I can play FEAR on LAN, but FEARMP.exe will not start. I tried the fix listed in the FAQ under "The game does not start after Windows update etc." and I also tried using compatibility mode from Windows 95 to Windows 8.

If I try to start FEARServer.exe, it closes on startup with the error message "Unable to use the selected network service", so maybe that's related? Or maybe it has something to do with some stuff I read about SecuROM DRM in this game on this forum?

Anyway, I'd highly appreciate it if someone knows how to fix it, assuming it's possible to fix.

I saw some links to another website to use a modified client to play multiplayer, but that's not what I'm interested in. I just want to make the one from GOG work.
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Maybe set LANOnly=1 in ServerOptions.txt.
And you can use FEARMP.exe from FEAR Combat ( or for connecting to your LAN server.
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